OTA Reception Quality ?

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  1. Dave Pobuda

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    Dec 25, 1999
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    I am currently receiving OTA local programming now. The VHF comes in very clear, and one UHF comes in very clear, FOX is a crap shoot...one day crystal clear...the next...looks like siberia during a white out. I am looking at getting a HDTV.....what kind of OTA reception can I expect ?
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    Your OTA for DTV will be primarily through UHF. Go to my web site and click on dtv information and then follow the link this will give you the channel numbers for your area.
    As for the changing picture quality of your UHF channel is most likely a weather issue, now I don’t mean big clouds or thunderstorms, it could be changes in humidity changing the characteristics of your antenna. Is the antenna mounted over the Chimney? This will make it corrode and go bad after about three years. That is what happened to mine, the UHF went first, like you said one-day good the rest bad. On your typical antenna the UHF section is compromised as not to hurt the VHF performance, this is OK for analog TV but completely incorrect for DTV. You need a UHF?/DTV specific antenna..........Gemini has purchased my designs for DTV antennas and will be shipping the first one soon. It should fix your consistency problems.
    The OTA DTV signal is superior to satellite because it is a 19.39 Mbit signal where satellite is UP TO 12 Mbits
    Jim Burns

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