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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Al.Anderson, May 23, 2003.

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    I need advice on buying an HDTV converter.

    I put together my setup for movies and after 8 months I'm veryhappy with it. But since I haven't poured any money into it in 3 months I'm starting to get itchy and consider an over the air converter. To be honest I only really want it for PBS music specials and some sports. (Sports is the only negative of moving to my RPTV -- they look as bad as my DVDs look good.)

    I've been looking for a sale on these things, but they don't seem to go on sale. I finally bought an open box Samsung SIR-T151 for $320 and it promptly stopped working after two days. So that's returned. That model is the chepeast I can find ($309 at J&R, so I'm glad I returned the open box.)

    So the questions are (1) does anyone in-the-know expect these things to com down in price? There seems to be something artifically keeping them at a constant level and I'm not in the in-crowd to know what that is. (2) Are there anny specific features to look for? I've seen them at ranges from $300 to $800 and can't really determine what makes one better than the other. And finally (3) are there any recommended brands? The two day open box has me spooked.

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    SIR-T151 (new) at Amazon for under $300 & FREE shipping.

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