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Optoma H30 vs. BenQ PB6200, 7200 or New PE5120?? (1 Viewer)


Nov 27, 2004
Hi everyone! OK, I'm building a new home w/ a dedicated media room. The room is 14'6" wide by 19' long. But of the 19' length, only 16' will be use-able for theater seating. I've got to have the bar at the back! Projector will be ceiling mounted and all AV components will be in a custom built cabinet in the back of the room. The room (per stupid Fire Code) has one 3' wide by 6' tall window that won't be hard to darken. Since everything costs more than you anticipate while building a home, I even work for the builder! I've had to scale back my expectations and get real on what I can afford on a projector. I've narrowed the margin to Optoma's H30 which is getting rave reviews for it's punch for the dollar, also the BenQ PB6200 or PB7200 or the newly introduced BenQ PE5120? From looking at these, you can tell my budget is up to $2000. If I've overlooked any on the market, let me know! I want the most bang for the buck with the newest technology!
Also, I figured that the seating will be about 12' to 13' from the screen. (Semi-Arched Row of 4 Seats) What would be a good sized screen for this size of room? At AMC theaters, I don't like to sit in the Front! But I like to sit in the first section, first row where the railing is! If that helps on visually what my preference is.
Thanks in advance for all the help! I just joined this site and there are a lot of awesome forums and great information that will help me in this process!

Jim Mcc

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Feb 11, 2004
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Kevin, all the projectors you mentioned are DLP. Do you want to stick with DLP only?
Is $2,000 your budget just for projector?
The size of your screen depends on your seating distance and the resolution of projector. It's too bad you can't sit back farther, you could have a bigger screen. Why does the bar have to go in back of room, instead of on a side wall?
The rule of thumb is to sit back 2X screen width with a 480p projector, and 1.5X screen width with a 720p projector.

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