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Options for creating a pair of bookshelf speakers for under $150? (1 Viewer)

Rudy H

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 2, 2002
Parts Express BR-1 kit.
Comes with premade cabinets, all the XO parts and the XO board, all for $140. I wouldn't even consider building a box with a kit like that available :)

Wayne Ernst

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Feb 24, 2002
How about a pair of speakers for less than $100? I just completed 5 speakers for my family room similar to what I have proposed. The best part about these speakers is that the cabinets and grilles can be painted the same color as the walls - - winning significant approval from the WAF.
The materials:
- 1 pair of NXG Pro-620 in-wall speakers (6.5" woofers, 1" neo tweeters with a built-in 12 db per octive crossover).
- 1/4 sheet of 3/4" MDF.
- 2' x 4' piece of 1/4" hardboard (similar to MDF) - which will be utilized for the backing on the speakers.
- Polyfill stuffing.
- 3/8" wide foam insulation with sticky backing.
The construction:
1) Construct boxes out of the MDF so that the in-wall speakers will sufficiently fit into the MDF cabinets.
2) Router a small groove on the back so that the 1/4" hardboard will fit snugly into the MDF.
3) Sand the cabinets and round off the four corners of the cabinets.
4) Paint cabinets, speaker edges and grilles with desired color.
5) After the paint has dried, apply the foam insulation to the front of the cabinets where the speaker baffles will be mounted.
6) Drill a small hole into the rear of the cabinet so you can feed your speaker wire into the cabinet. Attach the speaker cable to the binding posts.
7) Assemble the speaker baffle into the cabinet and attach with 6 screws.
Here's a few shots of my completed speakers:
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That's all, folks! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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