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    I would like to know if there is a cable that i can connect my dvd to the VGA conection of the projector.

    The problem i have is with my EPSON projector. When i conect mi DVD to my projector via the analog cable the image is in black and white with a pixelitation at the bottom.

    I asked EPSON and search and others forums but i haven't got an anwser yet.

    I only could think that some cable is kinda loose inside the projector or some electrical faliure happened at some point when i was using my projector.

    Have a nice day...
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    How are the jacks labeled?

    Composite video requires one analog cable but the quality is not all that great.

    Component video uses three analog cables. Use video cables. Audio cables or audio/video cable sets may give unpredictable results.

    For most DVD players, connecting to a VGA input requires a transcoder, you can think of it as a cable but with a box in the middle. In addition, standard interlaced DVD players need an external de-interlacer, many of the popular models include the necessary transcoding and can feed a projector's VGA jack directly. An iScan Pro will make a superb picture from the cheapest DVD players and also allows you to feed in the VCR and ordinary broadcasts with excellent results.

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