Oppo 103 requires 2 HDMI cables to work properly!

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by ascanio1, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Oppo 103 requires 2 HDMI cables to work properly!

    My HT was setup with an HDMI cable from the BR player to the A/V and another HDMI from the A/V to the projector.

    I then installed a new Oppo 103, with the same setup and even the very same HDMI cable. The Oppo did not work properly.

    I wrote to Oppo to complain and they asked me to do a specific firmware update - this did not solve the problem. I asked for repair as it is still under warranty but Oppo's astonishing reply was:

    "This is an issue with the receiver, not the player, that is causing you to have to remove the HDMI cable between the receiver and the display and route the player direct to the projector."

    I replied that my receiver works perfectly with other all players (I even tested Media Players) and I insisted for the unit to be repaired.

    Oppo finally accepted to inspect the device but refused to pay for shipping costs and instructed me to insure the delivery or they would not be responsible for damages or defects. Shipping an insured 400$ unit costs a bomb! Almost 100$!


    Oppo not only requires 2 HDMI cables to work properly but Oppo's warranty means that you either bring the device in for servicing by yourself or you pay for the shipping!
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    Did you hot swap the Oppo in, or unplug everything?

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