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    I'm a newbie to the Home Theater, but am getting excited about it. I have put together a list of stuff that I'd like to buy and am looking for opinions. Also, what little things will I need (cables, lights, etc.) that I might have forgotten? I haven't bought anything yet, and probably won't for 3-6 months, so the list could change by then, but here is a start. Please give whatever opinions you have!
    NEC HT1000 Front Projector. I have read nothing but good things about this projector on these forums. (~$5000)
    120" diagnal 4:3 screen. My wall will be about 12' across, so I was thinking about a 8' wide 4:3 screen. This will leave room for the speakers on either side. I'm not sure if I'll purchase a screen or go the DIY route. Maybe I'll create my own screen to start out with, and then buy one in the future. ($100-$2000)
    Denon 3803. I bought a Denon reciever about 10 years ago and loved it. I decided on the 3803 because I couldn't afford the 5803 ($1200)
    Adire Encompass. (Adire Audio)
    2 Kiris
    3 Kanadas
    1 Dharman
    I first heard of Adire in Car audio Forums, and when I decided to build my Home Theater they were on the top of the list. I have also heard nothing but good things about their speakers. ($2100)
    Home Theater PC
    I work with computers for a living so this seems like a natural choice. I am still a little confused on what all the HTPC does. I know it will play DVDs, MP3s, and can be an HDTV reciever. What else will it do? ($1500)
    We currently have Directv. There is no Broadcast HDTV available in our area. What HD programming is available over Satelite? What new equipment will I need? Cable is not an option in our area. What will be needed to view local stations? Just an antena? ($?)
    I'm thinking of two big couches for seats, with the back one raised.
    How much can I expect cables/wires to cost for a setup like this?
    Popcorn machine, movie posters, etc to be added in the future.
    Anything I'm missing?
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    That's an ambitious project, and it's enviable. It's good you're giving yourself time to digest what's out there, and any suggestions/modifications from this outstanding forum.

    If you were to invite me over, the first thing I would do is assess the state of your power supply system, I'd look at existing 15-amp or 20-amp wiring circuits, how old are they, does the ground test OK at the outlets with one of those handheld testers from ACE Hardware. What else is on the circuit you intend to use for the projector and HT components. Do you think you might add an outboard amplifier to the AVR some day. Is there room to wire in a separate "dedicated" circuit to the Main Service electrical panel if needed or desired. How about upgrading existing wall outlet duplexes to Industrial Specification grade. Is there an outlet near the subwoofer's location. Will you want a home-automation type lighting array with IR control in the theater. Bass shakers in the couch? Do you want to consider using a SmartHome wire bundle with coax and Cat5 to integrate a HT center and HTPC network?

    Is the power supply reliable, or are there off-on glitches with some regularity. What does a multimeter read for voltage at the HT outlet over a period of days measuring for 120VAC. Might suggest a voltage regulator, or a Smart UPS of 1200VA to 2200VA interactive with true sine wave output to give time to power down equipment (keeps projector fan going momentarily) when outside power fails for more than a minute.

    How much adverse weather do you experience? Lotta lightning in season? This might suggest a wall-mounted ZeroSurge Series Mode panel in the garage ($220) on a new circuit to serve all downstream outlets. Otherwise, consider how much do you want to spend on a surge protector unit/power center at the entertainment center location.

    Welcome to the Forum, and follow postings in Home Interiors and Tweaking boards, among the others, over a period of time for practical applications.

    Just a few thoughts over coffee...

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