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Dec 28, 2002
Ok I currently have :
Toshiba 50H82
Panasonic RP62
Technics SA-DX930
Bose Accoustimass -6 (dont laugh, i've had it for about 6yrs)
Hughes HIRD-E86

I need a new reciever and cannot decide on which would be better for me. I do not want to spend over $500. I only have 5.1 surround right now and am not sure if I will ever upgrade to 6.1 or even 7.1! well to get to my point I have been looking at the Yamaha HTR-5590. I love all the features it has except I am not sure how it will work with me only having 5.1 when it is a 6.1 receiver. I mean will I lose any sound from my current setup if I am playing a 5.1 DVD on the Yamaha 6.1 and using my 5.1 setup? I am making any sense? I subscribe to Sound & Vision Magazine and try to read what is a good buy and what is not. Another factor is that I need a receiver with a cooling fan or at lest one that does not get hot enough to fry an egg on. I am really suprised how long my Techincs has lasted beceause it is kept inside of a A/V Cabinet. I also need opinions on floor speakers. I would like to get a good pair for when ever I play music, I just dont like the way my setup plays music. Or better yet if I could afford to get rid of the Bose and get a whole new suround setup!

Alright guys, just give me your opinions, please!


John S

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Nov 4, 2003
If you change speakers this also means changing your sub.

Now that would be a tall order for $500....

If you want a dramatic overall improvement, I do think you need to start over from scratch here.....

Here are the recent products I have picked up, that I am installing at my borther-in-laws house tomorrow night.

Onkyo SR501 6.1 reciever $180
AR 12" powered sub $120
6 Yamaha 8" Woof 3ways - $225
(I actually had the speakers lay'n around for a couple of years but I believe that is the price for 6 current model of the same thing)

A JBL NSP1 5.1 speaker package for under $200 would be considered better, but I would try to do the 6.1 now if I were you. I'd rather have the Yamaha's as I find I don't like sats at all with 6" and smaller drivers is all. And I don't care all to much for the sound of center channel specific speakers either. I really like to use the same all the way around.

That does come close to your budget, I will know how it all sounds tomorrow night after I install it.

A JBL NSP1 5.1 speaker package for under $200 would also be very good though.

Many here will have totally different opinions for you though...
Dec 28, 2002
I meant tower speakers not a complete surround set, like i said i only need a new receiver but need to know if a 6.1 receiver would play a 5.1 setup which is what i have. I mean will it try to play an "extra" sound that is not there like in the middle rear when i dont have one. or will it be able to play it in 5.1 properly,......sorry for the confusion


John Brill

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Nov 3, 2003
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Hi David,

On most AVR's, including the Yamaha you are looking at, you can specify you have only 5 speakers and a sub attached to it. It will play 5.1 DVD's great without loss of sound!

I have the Yamaha RX-V540 which is 6.1 but I only have it as a 5.1 for now (I do have the matching 6th center rear speaker but haven't gotten around to running the speaker wire yet :b )


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