opinions on upgrade to mirage(newbie)

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    First of all sorry for second post being overlooked.could
    not change heading.
    I have def.tech procinema 100s powered thru marantz sr7000.wired via subout and speaker level per def.tech. recomendations.I got wife approval for mirage om7 or om9 w/omc3.will add omr2s when money available.in the mean time ill have to use the procinema surrounds.will this system suffer with the pro cin surrounds or should i get the mirage omr2s asap upon getting the mains.opinions appreciated.my room is 22.5wx19L.
    rest of system;panny ct36hx40
    panny r30 dvd
    yamaha cd
    mits svhs
    sony cass.
    old turntable
    thanks in advance
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    Mar 3, 2001
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    I always believe that with speakers you build by piece starting with the front 3 as one entire piece. Surrounds are not that involved so it is usually not that critical to have as precise timber matching. The OMR2's are nice though! And the OMC2 center channel is truly sweet.
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