Opinions on the Lego Movie Maker?

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    Has anybody here used the Lego Movie Maker? It’s a USB camera and Lego “studio” combined with editing software to allow kids (and their parents [​IMG]) to make movies.
    The best part about it is that it does STOP MOTION ANIMATION!!!
    I’ve been dying to get my hands on something (other than chemical film) that would allow me to do stop motion animation. Screw the Lego studio – My daughter and I want to do pencil-sketch and clay animation, and this seems like the only thing available, even if it isn’t perfect.
    Reviews I’ve read focus on its shortcomings with regard to the Lego Movie Maker’s full-motion video, and most suggest getting a video camera and a video editing suite. They seem not to care for its utility in stop motion production. But there isn’t a single video editing suite that I know of that allows the production of stop motion video. Does such software exist? As far as I know this Lego Movie Maker is it.
    So my questions are:
    1. Is the Lego Movie Maker a decent enough tool for making stop motion animation? I don’t care about its full-motion capabilities. I’m primarily looking for fun and education for beginning stop motion and cel animators. If it’s easy and fun to use and sophisticated enough to let us hone our timing and video/audio sync skills for stop motion production, then that’s all I want. I don’t even care if I can’t export the movies to a standard format, since I don’t plan on producing anything I can send to Sundance for inclusion in its next film festival.
    2. Is there any other software package that allows stop motion production from a video source?
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    I know Adobe premiere has the features you're looking for. I bet Ulead Studio (cheaper) does too

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