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Aug 1, 1999
What about the following hookup for the Pro model (with the Plus model, everything is s-video, so there is no problem):
  • s-video from cable to Denon 3802
  • s-video from Denon 3802 to iScan
  • component directly from dvd to iScan
  • leave s-video connection behind 3802 corresponding to dvd empty
  • set iScan to "prefer" the s-video input (this is a switch on the iScan)
  • finally connect the iScan to the component input on TV[/list=a]

    Now when you watch cable, all is well. The display goes through the s-video as does the OSD.

    When you have a dvd, the Denon sends no signal out through the s-video (since it receives nothing), so the iScan picks up the component signal (which it will sense). However, when the Denon sends any menu items (OSD, volume etc), it will go through the s-video output which the iScan will auto-sense and display (due to the s-video priority) ... so you lose the dvd picture but get the OSD on screen. When the OSD goes off, the iScan reverts to the component input.

    The only inconvenience would be that you'd lose the dvd picture when the OSD info comes up --- but that is unavoidable.

    Some pros and cons of the Plus vs Pro:

    If you get the Plus version and also wish to use component video from your dvd, you must have at least 2 component inputs on your TV (which will both need to be calibrated, of course). Also, this will eliminate the ability to add 1080i unless you have 3 component inputs on your TV. With the Plus version, you will have s-video from ALL sources (including dvd) to the 3802, s-video from 3802 to iScan and component from the iScan to TV (hence only 1 component input from the iScan to TV). In addition, only 1 calibrated input on the TV (i.e. only 1 set of color settings).

    With the Pro version, you can of course use the dvd's component out and use up only 1 input on your TV. There is a catch though! The "correct" color/tint/contrast/brightness etc settings on your TV will most likely not be the same for these 2 inputs fed into the iScan. In other words, if you set the picture for the s-video correctly (using AVIA and the dvd's s-video out), it will not be correct when you watch the dvd's component signal (and vice versa)! Hence you WILL need to switch between 2 color settings on your TV depending on whether you are watching dvd or something else. The iScan has color and contrast knobs, but they are global and affect everything (believe me, I have tried :) ). This can be a pain (and the SAF is very very low for this) .. as a result, I have the Pro set up with both alternatives, but most of the time, end up watching dvd through the s-video (i.e. do not use the component)! Once in a while, I will flip the switch behind the dvd to send out a component signal, adjust the settings on the TV (I have them written down!) watch the movie, and then reset everything back (including setting the dvd to output only s-video)

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