Opinions on my subwoofer enclosure design.

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  1. just finished drawing up the designs to my sub cabinet. My EGO's will sit on top of these and use them as stands.
    I will be using a HE12" driver that has yet to be determined.
    The net volume is 61.5L and it will weigh about 60lbs for just the MDF.
    Here is the link to the design.
    let me know what you think.
  2. Griff

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    Jul 6, 2002
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    High Efficiency?

    Your top cutaway is confusing, with what looks to be the driver in the middle of it. Could u please clarify.
  3. Jack, HE12=high excursion 12" driver. These will be sealed and electronicly EQ'ed with either the BFD (likely since the resulting Q~0.55) or an LT. The drivers are actually prototypes. They are for a potential line, and I am lucky enough to "demo" them. I will actually have the drivers in about 2 weeks. The specs will be known.

    Griff, the driver is mounted just like a normal driver. There is a center vertical brace that has a 10" cut-out that sits behind the driver. There are also 2 horizontal braces on the bottom half that also have 10" cut-outs for air flow. Hope that clears it up.
  4. Kyle Richardson

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    Nice design. Who's making the 12's?
  5. Thanks. My hopes was that it had enough mass for the high excursion forces, was braced enough, and that the baffle would be thick enough.

    Let me find out how much info I can disclose about the drivers. I'll let you know probably on monday or so when the shop is back open.

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