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Sep 22, 2004
hi all, lurking for quite some time now and have come up with my list for my HT room that i will be building this winter (with lots of pictures i promise!) please give all opinions pos or neg, i love constructive criticism.

throughout all my future questions keep in mind that this room will be "dual purpose" to some degree, i had to compromise for now since we have a small house, future house will be dedicated, i can promise that! anyways, the other purpose is to be a social room for when we have big parties, the seating will be switched around in a circle with the riser tipped on its side and moved up against a wall.

my room has been determined to be 14'x24' with a drop ceiling (i know, drop isnt best but thats what fits in my plans). the back seating will be on a couch with a removable 8" riser that will have plug ins for step lighting AND two bass shakers (wiring in the floor, may have to do j-boxes, using dricore and padding then carpet but may have to dig down a little for j-boxes to fit). there will be another couch in the seating in front (with two more bass shakers) and then finally two small lazyboys in front of that (yeah, i know. the lazyboys will be too close to the screen but no one will use them unless the couches fill up :D. i need them for the "dual purpose" (haha, about 5 times a year will i have to convert it to that :emoji_thumbsup: )

here is the a/v list including the screen. this is the most important part of this thread as far as approval. feel free to make comments.

Screen: DIY SM/MM (Silver Metallic undercoat w/ MississippiMud overcoat)

Projector: First Choice - InFocus SP 4805, Second Choice - Sanyo Z2

Speakers: Swan 5.2 mains, Swan C3 center, Swan R3 surrounds (2 for now, 2 later for 7.1)

Subwoofer: SVS PB10-ISD (maybe one more in the future if this doesnt cut it ;))

Receiver: Pioneer VSX-1014 OR Yamaha HTR-5790 (which one?!)

DVD: Toshiba SD-3960 (kind of funny, all this expensive stuff and then a cheap dvd player but i guess i just want to "get by" until blue-ray comes out)

well there it is, let me know what you think. thanks


Phil Nichols

Second Unit
Sep 7, 2000

"DVD: Toshiba SD-3960 (kind of funny, all this expensive stuff and then a cheap dvd player but i guess i just want to "get by" until blue-ray comes out)"

Do you have a substantial library of DVDs? If you do, you may want to continue viewing them at the best they can be well into the HD-DVD era before their HD-DVD re-releases are available and before early HD-DVD players do standard DVD justice.

There is no guarantee that early HD-DVD players will handle standard DVD as well as a current top notch DVD player will - it's possible but I wouldn't assume it. If you really wish to keep your current DVD player and if it has a superb chroma-bug-free decoder, I'd recommend at least getting it SDI modified and then feeding it's SDI video data into an iSCAN HD+ external processor. This will beautifully compliment the system you have listed and provide 1080p (progressive) in case your display now - or later can handle 1080 progressive. Your current DVD library may continue to please you for several years yet if you have everything in your new system optimzed for them until, and during, the HD-DVD roll-out!

(I use this approach now with respect to VHS/S-VHS and DVD ....... I have an over-the-top VHS/S-VHS system that compliments my DVD setup such that I can still enjoy an occasional VHS or S-VHS widescreen movie from my library - which consists of both source mediums.)

Rob Kramer

Second Unit
Mar 30, 2004
Get the Swan 5.2s (instead of the 4.1s). The extra mid-range driver is a welcome addition, and its also a perfect match for the C3.

The 4.1 is also harder to drive.
Ive found that most 4.1 owners (I dont know many, though) wished that they had gotten the 5.2s. I guess the 4.1s are easily "outgrown".


Sep 22, 2004
Phil, i have a total of 7 movies (dvd) with no intention of ever going over 150 (although, now that i think about it, i potentially may have much more considering now i have a reason to collect :D). i have a list of other players i have considered:

Denon 1910
Denon 1710
Panasonic XP30
Panasonic s97
LG DV-7832
Zenith 318
Pioneer DV-578A
Toshiba SD-4960

i am not opposed to paying more but i guess your right about the whole situation even though my library is non-existent. out of all these, what do you think will match up with my equipment and needs? TIA

Rob, i made a mistake when listing mains,you are right, i will get the 5.2's. no doubt about it. i have a word document with all possibilities and just copied the wrong ones! ill try to edit original post.

any more feedback?

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