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May 27, 2003
wow, great forum. i wish i would have known about this place before i made my purchases. i would love to know what you guys think of my setup. i feel i did reasonably well for what i spent. all of my new equipment is unopen and returnable, your opinions are important to me. here goes:

panasonic 47inch widescreen hdtv (projection) i was able to get this puppy for $1199.00. originally i was looking at the samsung 30 widescreen (tube) for about $999. i felt the panny was a much better deal.

all monster cables (component,optical,etc.)and jvc component video selector (only $99 was happy to locate one of these,dig cable, x-box, ps2, gcube, prog dvd)

yamaha receiver model HTR 5550 (able to get this for $250)

yamaha speakers model NS-AP480 (fronts, rears, and center)

yamaha sub model YST SW-45 (was able to get speakers and
sub for $250)

omnimount speaker stands (2 pair)

well guys, there it is. able to do it all for under $2000.
is it worth it? money aside, is this still a decent system?
your opinions mean a lot to me. thanks everyone. great site!

chun howe

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 18, 2003
my friend just bought the same yammy setup like yours. i didn't have a chance to listen to them yet, but i think it's all good. tu:
how's your 47 HDTV?
i am not a big fan of monster cable.
i am also new here, and i already got the HT bug in me. i started out buying a lower end pioneer on ebay (i am stuck with it now) now i am thinking seperate.

what's your intention? music more or movie more?

Jonathan Dagmar

Supporting Actor
Dec 29, 2002
At such time as I can afford a widescreen HDTV (which will be a while, hehe) I will buy a direct view. I don't mind that it will not be as large as a rear projection, the picture is just much nicer, in my opinion. I do not like that the vieing angle with projection tvs is so bad. When i see the picture nearly disappear every time I stand up, it dirves me crazy. Also, if you get close to them, the picture tends to darken also.

On the direct view HDTV is saw in the sony store the other day, they had stuart little playing. I was extremly impressed with how good such a low resolution source as DVD looks on the screen. Sure it is a little soft up close, but at a normal viewing distance it is razor sharp. Still haven't quite firgured out why DVD looks so much better on a HDTV even though the resolution is still only 480 lines.

Truth be told, the nicest looking screen I saw as a giant 50"+ LCD, but at $8000.........

Myo K

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 27, 2003
sweetness, you got a panny widescreen for under 1200? is that the going rate for their tvs nowadays or did you get a deal on them somehow? theyre becoming more and more affordable hopefully by the time i have the cash for a hdtv widescreen most sets will be under 1000 *hopes*

reagarding yamaha speakers, im not a fan of yamaha, id rate their speaker sound a tiny notch above klh speakers.

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