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opinions on marantz dv6400 (1 Viewer)

allan espinoza

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Jul 1, 2002
i was looking into purchasing this dvd player and after reading some reviews it seems as it produce great sound and picture, may i ask your opinion on what you think? do you think i may have a better deal within that price range? i am redoing my home theater so i have a budget of $600. thanks for your input.


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Feb 9, 2004
St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada
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I own this player and for hi-res audio I think it is a touch under, if not equal to, the Denon DVD-2900 and notably better than the Denon DVD-2200 (the other players I considered--and here in Canada, the Marantz was significantly less expensive, unlike the US, where the price difference is more modest). For PQ, I can only say it looks great on my analogue CRT TV. I can't use the prog scan feature. The Denons have tested better with specialized material, but in real world comparisons, I could not see a notable difference in interlaced mode. If 600$ is your ceiling, then the Marantz is a good bet, IMO, as it has better audio than the Denon 2200 (the 2900 is probably above your budget) and the new 2910 is the 2200 plus digital video out, so for audio the Marantz is still better. Another player to consider in your price range is the Yamaha S-1500 (which came out too late for me to consider). This all assumes you want a universal player. If SACD is not important to you, but you want a picture as nice as the Marantz, with even better CD audio, check out the Cambridge Audio Azur 540D. I use that for movies and CDs, while using my Marantz for hi-res audio. The Cambridge plays DVD-As, is region-free, does PALNTSC at the touch of a button and has a faster layer-change than the Marantz (that's why I use it for movies--PQ is identical, as far as I can tell on my TV, calibrated with DVE). The Cambridge also retails around 380$US, a fair bit less than the Denons and Marantz.


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Apr 29, 2003
I have a 6400 in my 2nd system and it does a great job on video as far as I'm concerned. I belive it sounds good on the audio side as well (CD, DVD-A, SACD), but not quite as good as my Elite DV-45A. However, the video on the DV-45A loses by a wider margin to the 6400 than the audio of the 6400 does to the DV-45A...if that makes sense!!!

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