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Opinions on espeakers PHL kit and fishies (1 Viewer)

Frank Grimes

Second Unit
Jul 19, 2002
Looking at ES-1240-ESg2-MTM Project. Search hasn't turned up too much on it, though plenty of good things said regarding both PHL and ESG. I'm also wondering whether espeakers is selling said kit anymore as I no longer see EsG being sold on the site. Also taking suggestions on any MTM kits that utilise ribbons/planars, trying to keep things under $1300. I was thinking of 4 Vifa PL's+ SA8535 per side, but this would be my first DIY speaker project and fear that although I may be able to design a flat xover network, I may not be able to design a GOOD one.

Finally, thinking of incorporating a small neoned-out fish tank atop each tower. Could this negatively effect acoustics? Any recommendations on how to do this? I'm thinking make the top of the tower plexi with the neon light under it firing up into the tank with plexi on all sides with plastic top. Problem would be if I needed to move the towers and empty the tanks. I think I would need to syphon the water out, which I don't really want to do because I don't really want to find out what fish poo tastes like? How often are fish tanks needing a cleaning?


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Aug 24, 1999
Well, I dunno about the speakers, but if you aren't sure how often a tank needs to be cleaned, I'd say this may not be the best place for you to start an aquarium habit. ;-)

Small tanks (less than 5 gallons) generally are harder to keep than large tanks- less stable. (I'm guessing that the speakers are somewhat normal sized?) With my tanks, I usually changed 10-20% of the water every couple of weeks. You don't need to drink the water to start a siphon, you could use a pump, or just be quick.

The tank will probably need a heater and a filter- extra wires or complexity. . . not sure how well your fish would do with the vibration. Maybe you should just go for a water tank with bubbles?


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