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    May 15, 2001
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    Hello, I currently own the onkyo 787 which I like very much but it does not have discreet or prologic II. I would like to buy a receiver with these features but I also have plans to purchase a pioneer elite 45 dvd audio/sacd player along with a couple of sony 400 disc cd players and hopefully a projector for my dedicated theater. All this plus paying for college and raising three kids limits the choices of receivers. I have thought about the 811s but I am not sure about how the sound quality compares to my onkyo. I am sure that the movie modes sound comparable but I am pretty happy with the onkyo's sound on music, and I like some of the tweaks that the onkyo allows. So I was thinking about connecting the 811 to the multi channel inputs of the onkyo with plans for using it when I am playing the xbox, ps2,gamecube, listening to dts discreet, or dolby surround sources. Since I am planning to have add a small hometheater system to the family room, I figure I could just move the 811 there late this year or early next when I am able to get that 45tx or other quality receiver. Just to note, the onkyo is being used as a pre/pro, its connected to three amps. I have klipsch Towers, mc1 center and klipsch dipoles and rears. Anyone have any suggestions or opinons?
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    I think it is time to start looking for a seperate PrePro, with Rotels 1096 comming look for deals on the 1066, I bought a $2000 Marantz AV9000 for $900 NIB only 5.1 but I love it, all I wanted anyway, there are more and more out there and you will never be unhappy with the flexibility a seperate componet gives you. I have used seperates for 25 years and will never go back, I have a HK 320 bedroom piece that I can use as a temp if I have to pull out the Preamp for some reason,
    I have used "Oinks" over the years they are great. . .

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