Opinions: 5.1?....Or Beyond?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Valerie Brown, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Valerie Brown

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    I have 1 pair each of the JBL Northridge series N38s/N28s and an N-Center.
    I am happy with the above speakers and was thinking of
    buying an NSP1 (while they're still around) and using the 1
    pair of the N24s for additional surrounds and the N-Center as a rear center-channel. (The other pair of N24s would go
    to a Denon/Mission/Klipsch mini-system.)
    I could also go with 2 pairs of N24s, as additional surrounds. This would possibly save a little money, but
    for an additional maybe $20 to $30, I could go with
    the previous scenario and add some speakers to my mini-system.
    I am thinking about getting a Denon AVR-3803 or comparable unit (also like Pioneer's Elite line). I want something that would be well balanced for music/theater.
    Presently using a 13 year old Denon integrated amp...that refuses to die! Thankfully, it sounds nice. The N38s and
    N28s sound nice, together. Better than they do apart! The
    N28s seem to add a more bass to the mix? (I would assume
    because it's the same size woofer as the N38, but a smaller
    Well, before I get more derailed.
    Any opinion/suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thanks, much! [​IMG]
  2. Joe Szott

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    Sounds like you got it going on Val, nice system for some 7.1. If you are happy now, consider yourself blessed: you can stick with what you got, or upgrade to 7.1 and make it even better. Either way, sounds like you'll be happy.

    380x is a good choice for that system. Others to cehck out might be the HK 52x or Pioneer Elite 45tx/47tx.

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