Opinion on LG Plasmas? Owners speak up please!

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Ronald Epstein, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Ronald Epstein

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    Ronald Epstein
    Come November I was all set to purchase my first 3D display,

    the Panasonic 65VT25, which most who have reviewed it are

    heralding as the new benchmark display.

    Something really cool happened last week at Cedia that kind

    of threw a wrench in the works....

    I won a 50" 3D system from the folks at LG.

    The system consists of their 50PX950 display, 3D Blu-ray

    player, 2 glasses and bundled movie.

    I am in the process of talking to LG about paying the difference

    to upgrade that 50" to their 60" model. I don't see a problem

    with them doing that.

    I am very thankful to the folks at LG and the last thing I want

    to do is to play down such a gracious prize package.

    The thing is, when it comes to plasma displays, Panasonic

    has been the one to beat. Since they have incorporated many

    of the Kuro specs into their high-end displays, you can expect

    outstanding black levels which for me is one of the most important

    features I look for.

    I know very little about LG and the quality of their displays. I know

    they are a Korean company and back in the day their displays

    weren't highly touted. From what I have read recently, that seems

    to have changed dramatically.

    I had a chance to look at the 50" display at Cedia and it looked

    outstanding on the floor. Here is a video of the display which

    appears right at the beginning. Of course the display was set to

    bright and vivid to exaggerate its colors, but nonetheless, I was

    very impressed with the quality of the 3D I was watching on it.

    I am very pleased that this display has a THX certified mode

    that would give me a proper 2D and 3D calibrated picture. That's

    a major plus. However, at the moment there are no professional

    reviews available on this display.

    So, knowing very little about LG, I am wondering if there are any

    owners of LG plasmas out there that can give some insight into

    the quality of their displays including black levels.
    I could sell this prize package and put it towards the Panasonic,

    but in a way, I am hoping that the display is comparable to the

    high end Panny model in most respects and that it would provide

    me with a satisfactory viewing experience.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. elwaylite

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    Aug 4, 2010
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    All I can offer, is that the VT25 is the best 2d and 3d set this year, and I'd recommend it second to none.

    I also have a problem with LG reliability history. Id get the VT25.
  3. JoeCool6972

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    Oct 30, 2010
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    I can tell you this so far as reliability. LG Corp has been making televisions since 1947. Only thing is they changed the name of the TV company to the corporate name of LG... Anyone remember GOLDSTAR? My in laws still have a working 20" CRT from 1988 in a bedroom. And here is a funny thing about it... IT SAYS MADE IN USA ON THE LABEL...A KOREAN BASED COMPANY MADE ELECTRONICS IN THE US. Can you find anything electronic made in the us anymore?
  4. Charles Smith

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    Jun 27, 2007
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    Charles Smith
    Wow. I had a 1982 13" Gold Star TV that for all I know is still going strong for the person I gave it to. I'd been wondering about LG and where they came from, seemingly all of a sudden, but never bothered to look it up.
  5. Steve Berger

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    Sep 8, 2001
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    The initials stand for Lucky - Goldstar. I think the name "Lucky" was one of those unfortunate names (in Korean) that didn't translate well into English and prompted a rebranding to LG or LGE.
  6. GeorgeAB

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    Denver, CO
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    G. Alan Brown

    Be sure to read the review of the Panasonic VT25 by Doug Blackburn in the recent Widescreen Review. I have much more confidence in considering LG since it signed on with THX. They have not had a good record in the past of adhering to video standards in their designs. I can't speak to durability, since I've always steered clear of their products. They have a really slick on-board graphical picture setup routine and menu system in their top models. Their color management facilities are still not complete. The Samsungs have the most elaborate calibration functionality, but their black levels are not as good as the top Panasonics or LGs, and they have a reputation for awful customer service. Drop Gregg L. a note. He has more exposure to what is out there than I do.

    Best regards and beautiful pictures,

    G. Alan Brown, President

    CinemaQuest, Inc.

    A Lion AV Consultants Affiliate

    "Advancing the art and science of electronic imaging"
  7. Ronald Epstein

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    Jul 3, 1997
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    Ronald Epstein
    George and all,

    Thank you for the responses thus far.

    I just received my LG 60PX950 two days ago.

    Have had very little time to watch it. At first glance

    the picture looks damn good -- especially in THX CINEMA

    mode though I am uncertain if I should be watching

    regular TV in that mode.

    Black levels look pretty damn good.

    I hope to do a basic review on the display over the next
    few weeks.

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