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Doug MacGregor

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 23, 2002
A friend of mine bought his first HTiB because the amp in his projection TV was on the fritz (always cutting out).
He told me he bought the GO Video HT2015 unit because he didn't want to spend too much.
It seems to have all the required video outputs (Component, S-Video) and mimimal power (stated at 225 watts - probably bogus).
The DVD player is not Progressive.
He payed $500 Cdn for it.
Did he get a good deal or should he have opted for a little more with, say, the Kenwood HTB-505 for 100 bucks more? It doesn't have Component outs but he says S-Video is enough for him.

Jack Briggs

Senior HTF Member
Jun 3, 1999
Your description of the Go Video HTiB leaves me underwhelmed. I'm not much of an authority on HTiBs, but I am sure better options are out there.

Todd K

Second Unit
Oct 21, 2001
Well, I may be wrong, but the Kenwood HTB-505 doesn't have a DVD player with it.

Sounds like a peculiar match -- having a pricy television, but doing the sound on the cheap. If it's not inmportant to him I'm sure this GO video unit will do the job, but I would say the chances of him saying "hey, this is a really great unit" are slim. It's tough to say whether or not he got a good deal, but I would say his bang/buck ratio isn't too good. But, what's done is done, unless he was thinking of taking it back?

Myo K

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 27, 2003
"Go video" is really low end, i dont think their stuff is worth more then 100 us dollars imo, i wouldve gotten anything over Go video. i would compare them to radio shack brand or something or those apex tvs you find for 50 bucks at the supermarket.

in all sincerity, i wouldve gotten the kenwood, even if it were 100 dollars more.

steve nn

Senior HTF Member
Jan 12, 2002
When I started out I went with the Kenwood 504 on the recommendations of the members here on the Forum. After auditioning the different systems I am very glad I did and I would say the Onkyo 650 would have been my only other choice but at that time it was not a option< "It did not exsist". These two options are the only two I would consider today if I were in the market for a HTiB. I would also put imo the Onkyo slightly ahead of the Kenwood 505 and would not even consider the latest offering by Kenwood with the pasiv sub 709 system. The 505 would have served your friend very well and is very upgradeable. Yes I admit I am very bias but for good reason.;)

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