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Open Letter To Studios Regarding Multi-Pack DVD Cases (1 Viewer)

William Waits

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 25, 2002
Dear Hollywood Studio Types,

If there is one wish (other than OAR) for your wares, it would be to definitely stay away from the holders/cases that infect the likes of Men In Black: Limited Edition and the newly released Transformers: Season One [there are other titles, but their names do not come to me as I write this]. With these cases, you have to put WAY too much strain on the DVDs in order to get them out. I am scared to death every time I remove one. I squirm and pray upon removing one that the inner ring does not chip or the disc itself does not actually break in two (which I am sure will happen one day...). I have actually had one chip quite nicely before, but had a unsuspecting store replace it. I don't think that I will be as lucky should one snap in half (which you almost have to do just to pry it out of these cases - You are at the very cusp of the breaking point when the DVD finally starts to slip off the spindle).

I don't know what devil came up with this design, but he should be banished from society. It is the most horrendous design that one could hope for. We all know that Warner Brothers could care less about their customers. This is evidenced by thier own snapper case design, and the fact that they recognize that they receive a ton of complaints, but yet, won't do anything about it. Please don't be like Warner and not listen to feedback from your customers regarding DVD storage. In fact, this is worse as the very act of removal could cause irreversible damage to the disc. [Although I will have to give Warner credit for their design of the Friends: Season 1 and Harry Potter cases. These are excellent examples of multi-pack cases.]

I pray that you revisit and rethink the use of this pathetic engineering design for use in your DVD cases. Presentation may be the key to a sale, but longevity and security don't harbor animosity.

Bill Waits

Michael Reuben

Senior HTF Member
Feb 12, 1998
Real Name
Michael Reuben
There's a specific forum for posts like these called Studio and Manufacturer Feedback, and I'm moving this there.


Senior HTF Member
May 21, 2002
I've had the same problem with other disks, especially anime, since a lot of the companies (ADV in particular) use those cases for their singles, too. I've been switching mine over to Amaray cases for a while now.
BTW, I agree with your sentiments 100%. Keep fighting the good fight :).

Jeff Kleist

Senior HTF Member
Dec 4, 1999
Scanavo cases are not digipaks, which is what he's talking about
To be fair, Scanavo has redesigned their cases so they no longer have a death grip on the disc
What you need to do is use a coastered CD-R or AOL disc or something to wear the hub a bit so it's easy to get the disc out.
The "clip" ones (Transformers, Harry Potter, Akira tin) you have to press the center button down to pull the disc out. Again, work it a bit. It's not like the first Digipaks where it took about 30min to get the discs out of my fight club case ;)

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