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John Millers

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 6, 2002
After searching the entire Minneapolis area I found a store that had my missing Goofy Disney Treasure, sorry got the last one. Anyhow the store I found is small dvd rental turned retail store. New dvd prices a buck or two below MSRP and they seamed to have an abundance of Criterion discs I have never heard of before. The store name is Kidoos store URL is www.kidoos123.com their DVD store is Link Removed

Here is a list of Criterion dvds

$27.29 8 1/2 (Criterion)
$27.29 Amarcord
$15.69 And The Ship Sails On
$30.39 Armageddon
$17.39 Beastie Boys Video Anthology
$27.49 Beauty And The Beast (Criterion Collection)
$22.59 Black Orpheus
$16.69 Branded to Kill
$43.29 Brazil (Criterion): Special Edition
$26.99 Children Of Paradise
$19.39 Closely Watched Trains
$56.79 Complete Monterey Pop Festival, The
$30.29 Contempt
$23.19 Cries And Whispers
$23.49 Diabolique (1955)
$22.69 Diary Of A Chambermaid
$26.39 Do The Right Thing: Special Edition
$21.69 Double Suicide
$30.09 Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (Criterion Collection)
$24.49 Fritz Langs: M (Criterion)
$29.39 Grand Illusion
$29.99 Great Expectations
$26.59 Haxan
$21.59 Henry V (Criterion)
$18.09 Hidden Fortress, The
$25.59 High and Low
$22.19 Juliet Of The Spirits
$28.09 Lady Eve, The
$26.89 Lady Vanishes, The (Criterion)
$28.99 Last Temptation of Christ, The
$16.69 Le Trou
$27.79 Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp, The
$27.79 Lord Of The Flies
$23.09 Lost Honor Of Katharina Blum, The
$18.79 Loves Of A Blonde
$23.59 Magic Flute, The
$29.09 Monty Pythons Life Of Brian (Criterion)
$96.99 Mr. Hulots Holiday
$26.39 Nights Of Cabiria
$27.99 Oliver Twist
$25.79 Passion of Joan of Arc, The (SILENT)
$19.09 Ratcatcher
$31.79 Rebecca
$22.89 Red Shoes, The
$18.89 Rififi
$39.19 Robocop
$25.19 Rock, The: Double-Disc Set
$14.49 Royal Tenenbaums, The
$25.79 Ruling Class, The
$27.89 Rushmore (Criterion)
$30.29 Salesman
$23.59 Samurai 3 - Duel at Ganryu Island
$18.29 Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto
$17.79 Samurai II: Duel at Ichijoji Temple
$21.69 Seven Samurai
$29.79 Seventh Seal, The: Special Edition
$19.39 Shop On Main Street, The
$30.19 Solaris
$38.99 Spartacus (Double-Disc Set)
$28.29 Spellbound (Criterion Collection)
$27.29 Sullivans Travels
$18.79 That Obscure Object Of Desire
$24.59 Time Bandits: Special Edition (Criterion)
$23.09 Under The Roofs Of Paris
$20.89 Vanishing, The
$23.59 Wages Of Fear
$22.29 Walkabout
$18.19 Written On The Wind
$19.69 YoJimbo

Brian E

Aug 12, 2000
Bought a DCC Gold CD from these guys a while back. Great service. Didn't realize they had a retail location. If I ever get over to that side of town I'll have to pop in.

alan halvorson

Senior HTF Member
Oct 2, 1998
Well, who'd have known - these fellows are within 50 miles of me, and I'm in Woodbury at least once a week. Always looking for a store that carries Criterions at reasonable prices. Thanks.

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