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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Eric R C, Mar 15, 2005.

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    Online Photo Album

    Can any of you recommend an online photo album?

    Use: To share and store digital photos in an album for personal use.
    „XAble to display thumbnail size prints
    „XAble to click on thumbnail for full size (Hi-Res) photos
    „XMass photo uploads (or FTP access) for Drag n Drop
    „XAble to order prints
    „XA user friendly/intuitive album system (Grandparents can use)
    „XDecent storage capacity/bandwidth
    „XReliable/Little to no Down Time

    I currently use this accommodates all needs except the ability to order prints.
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    I'm not too familiar w/ Photobucket, but might be the closest thing to what you're looking for although their standard user account ($30/year) has a bandwidth limit of 2GB/month -- and from what I understand, they generally allow occasional high traffic months where you can double the limit or so. You should ask them to be sure -- they seem very prompt to respond and are quite friendly folks. If necessary, I guess you can go for their power user account ($50/year), which doubles the bandwidth limit. There's no storage limit (although there probably are some exceptions), so that's nice.

    A quick check of Photobucket's paying account shows 250MB storage limit and 10GB/month bandwidth limit, and they sound like hard limits. That 250MB limit seems very low if you want to upload full size photos. Then again, since they don't offer print service, there's probably not that much point in uploading lots of high quality, full size photos anyway.

    FWIW, I've been considering getting an account w/ Smugmug myself. I normally use for sharing web-sized photos, but I might add a Smugmug "pro level" account if I can make some $ on the side w/ photography. [​IMG]


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