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    I'm curious...

    For the 3 main systems out there, how does the online pricing work? For example, if I have a PS2 and buy the network adaptor, what is the monthly fee for online gaming? Does this give me unlimited access too ALL online games? Some of the games? Is there just one service per system to subscribe to or do different software companies host their own online gaming systems? If anyone can shed some light it would be appreciated. Current prices would be appreciated too. The Sony PS2 site had little info that I could find.

    PS. I'm curious about the GameCube's onlien support. It seems pretty limited at this point. Any idea if more software companies (like EA) will begin to support it?
  2. Jeff Kleist

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    Online support is up to the individual company and game. I fully expect that quite a number of games will be charging fees on PS2, though none do yet

    The only game I know of that even plays online on NGC is PSO, and that's $8 a month. Who knows how many people will actually support it.
  3. Morgan Jolley

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    PlayStation 2
    -All you need is a Network Adapter (which has both dial-up and ethernet in the same unit) and a connection to the internet (ISP). DSL/Cable or better is preferred. Some games (like the upcoming EverQuest Online Adventures and Final Fantasy XI) will require an extra fee (most likely less than $10 a month) but no games right now have fees.

    -Pretty much the same as PlayStation 2. You need a modem (either dial-up or ethernet) and that's all. Some games will require fees, some won't.

    -You have to subscribe to the X-Box Live service. The fee is (right now) $50 a year and you get a special communication headset, as well as materials used for getting online and a demo disc. All games that are online-enabled on the X-Box use the XBL service, so there are no extra fees.

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