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Onkyo TXSR601 or Yamaha HTR-5760 (1 Viewer)


Jun 25, 2003
Once again I throw myself to the feet of the audiophiles. They have yet to steer me wrong and I have one last question to ask. I get an early christmas present since my old Denon pooped out (stupid microprocessor) and needed to decide between these 2. Anyone have any experience with the two or just from an outsider view know which one will probably be better. It will be used for 70% Movies and 30% Music. Any help would be good. I'm a college kid, and definatly not an audiophile so any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Yamaha HTR-5760

Onkyo TX SR601

Paul Mor

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 3, 2004
Not really an audiophile so maybe I shouldn't even post, but I know a little bit about these. I had the previous model, but one step lower of the Onkyo and was very happy with it. I also had the Yamaha for about a week before trading it in on an HK 7200. I liked the Yamaha more than I thought I would. If you like DSP, the Yamaha might be the way to go, but they are both very good and you can't go wrong either way. Whichever way you go, you'll probably wonder if you should have gotten the other one.



Sep 2, 2004
I had onkyo 501, which is a step down from onkyo 601 before I upgrade to h/k avr-325. I also tested yamaha 5760 (did not really use it). I beliver they both are great receivers. But as for a receiver as onkyo 601, it does not have pre-outs, and yamaha 5760 does. Yamaha also has tons of features, and 9.1 speakers output. If you want to make receiver last longer, I think you might want to consider pre-outs. I am very happy with onkyo 501, this is a great little unit, but does not have pre-outs, that's why I sold this baby.

Anthony J

Mar 15, 2004
Well I'm not an audiophile, and I don't have alot of places around me to test out alot of HT gear. I would say go with the Onkyo TXSR601 (this is a biased opinion, I haven't heard the Yamaha and I own that Onkyo). I use my TXSR601 for about 85% movies and 15% music. I've had mine for about 4 months now and I think it was well worth the money. It has plenty of features, 6.1 capable, and it decodes just about everything. The only downside I can see in the Onkyo is that it only has 4 digital inputs (1 coax, 3 toslink), it would be nice with more, but if you don't have a ton of things to hook up to it, you should be fine.

I'm also a college person too, while I'm in college I'm living at home. I have the TXSR601 with Athena AS-F2s, AS-C1, AS-R1s, and a Sony WM40 sub, and it sounds great for me currently. I think that when I'm done with college though and I get my own place, I'll make the jump to seperates (Outlaw Audio ;) ) and probaly Paradigm speakers. But for now my setup works great.


Jul 15, 2004
I recently faced the same decision. First I bought the 601, as it was $100 or so cheaper than the 5760. I hooked it up to my 6.1 Athena/HSU setup and said to myself "well, that's OK". I was a bit underwhelmed. After a couple weeks I found that the headphone jack was not working properly, so I returned it. In its place I bought the 5760, hooked it up to the same speakers and said "WOW". I found the sound to be much more open and to have a depth I thought was lacking in the Onkyo. I'm *very* glad I have the 5760 now.

Just one man's opinion.



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Aug 8, 2004
In 1996, I was shopping for a home theater reciever. Just so happen in Maryland there was a circuit city right across the street from a mya emco. I remember I went across the street 4 times to listen to the Yamaha which was at Mya Emco, and Circuit city which had the Onkyo. I brought the yammy because the sound was better but it was a tough choice. I remember when I was in college in the 70's My best friend bought a onkyo and I brought a yamaha. His onkyo had a more detail sound back then than my yamaha. Now I would go with yamaha.


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Nov 30, 2004
I don't have any experience with Yamaha but I did have an Onkyo 601 which I exchanged for a Marantz 5400 but that was because I do 70% music and the Onkyo was not great for that.

However for HT I think the Onkyo would be fine, it does have a heck of a lot of sound-shaping features and (from what I've been told about Yamaha) is much easier to setup and use, excellent manual.

For an extra $100 you could step up to the Pioneer 1014 for $400 which should serve you well for both movies and music, though. It's a receiver you are unlikely to outgrow quickly.


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Oct 28, 2004
I have the 5760 with (5) Athena AS-C1's and an AS-P400 sub, and it sounds great!

The YPAO is a nice/accurate feature that makes set up a breeze.

And the sound is "warm" yet "punchy". Very nice....


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