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Onkyo Tx-sr805 dts-ma bomb (1 Viewer)

chris bruce

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Jun 27, 2004
I have version 1.06 and 2 out of the 3 new dsp that you need to not have this sound bomb destroy my speakers. Can somebody please give me a step by step guide on how to fix and upgrade my dsp. I don't have the link to download onto a disc. And excatly how to I burn it onto a blank disc. I don't think I ever burned an iso image. When all said and done do I have to run my auddesy set up again? Thanks


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Oct 5, 2000
There are numerous threads on the subject at AVS, including links to the firmware and instructions on how to perform them.

There's actually supposed to be a way to download the instructions and update directly from Onkyo once you register your receiver, but I couldn't find the link on my own. I did eventually download directly from Onkyo, but I had to follow a link someone placed in the AVS 805 thread...never did figure out how they found it.

BTW, you don't need to burn an ISO image, it's a wav file that you "play" via an optical port...you just create an audio CD from the files. I haven't bothered to do it yet since I don't have a bitstreaming player. If your source decodes DTS-HD MA internally to LPCM, then you don't have to worry about it. DTS has also changed their authoring software so that titles mixed after a certain date won't trigger the "bomb" even on unpatched receivers.

And yes, the firmware update will wipe out *ALL* of your settings. You'll need to reassign inputs, enter any custom input labels you used, program radio stations presets, rerun Audyssey, etc..


David Willow

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Jan 23, 2004
Mechanicsburg, PA
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After you register, open a case with Onkyo tech support. They will send an e-mail with the link to the update. I'm not positive if there is a difference in the DSP update, but the instructions on AVS are slightly different then the instructions I got from Onkyo.
Jan 18, 1999
I applied the DSP updates and problem solved. Whole process took under 30 minutes and that included restoring all of my settings. Very glad there was a fix for this!! Good luck to all the other DTS HD-MA Bitstreamer's

Jari K

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May 16, 2007

Some quotes from this thread, that might help people to "test" their receivers. Do note, that I haven´t personally confirmed any of this and I can´t say that "how loud" the "pop" really is... So at your own risk, of course. Remember, that I believe this "pop" can only happen, if you use "bitstream" from your player (=receiver does the decoding). Since e.g. PS3 doesn´t support "bitstream" with DTS-HD MA, not sure that can you even test your receiver with that?

Based on the thread, the reason for this "pop" is "DSP chipset" (some report that only the chipset from "Texas Instrument"..). So these certain receivers just need firmware update..


"Golden Compass":
-The first and loudest pop was during a quiet scene about 20 minutes into the movie where the High Councilors were having a discussion.
-The second series of pops occured right after the bear got his armor back and the third series is when the blimp landed when Coulter arrived at the final location where the kids are.

-It was at 12:22 on the unrated version. However, everyone else is reporting it at 12:38??? It is the same scene (right after the girl pays for the pizza). Is there any reason I would be hearing it at a different timecode?

...indeed "the bomb" in AVP:R is at that part of that scene, so depending on which version of the film you are watching, it occurs at a different time stamp. I just had it happen on the Region B Australian release at timecode 11:50 - right after the girl pays for the pizza.

"The Orphanage":
-It only happened once, right after the "medium" lady kneels down in front of the door and the children tell her to open the door. I don't know the exact time stamp, but it was right after the video guy starts panning back (wider) - if you know the scene, you'll know what I am talking about.


-1408 (BD import)
-Golden Compass (review copy)
-The Fly (BD) time-13:00
-Chronos (BD) time-38:52
-Fantastic Four (BD) time-4:22
-Hannibal Rising (HD DVD)
-Close Encounters of the Third Kind (BD)
-Eagles Fairwell Concert (HD DVD) time-23:40
-Master and Commander (BD import) time-17:24
-Flight of the Phoenix (BD) time-51:00
-Flyboys (BD)



May 17, 2008
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Could tell me how you update your av ?

I ‘m having a difficulty to update my AV tx-sr805 ?

I tried to work on the instruction on the guide but nothing happen even ipresent firmware 1.06 is ot the leatest one or there a new one ?

Could you help me ?


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