Onkyo TX-SR502: problems with surround sound

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by canuck94, Jan 27, 2012.

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    So I just took another stab at messing with my surround settings. I simply can't get them working right. I'm running with a 5.1 setup. I get proper sounds out of all speakers but all the ambient surround sounds are broadcast equally from all 4 surround speakers. It's like I'm getting quad channel surround mono. - I've got an optical audio cable connected between my EVA media streamer and the amp. - The audio signal on the videos I'm testing is "Dolby Digital, 48KHz, 6ch". - I've tried all 'audio modes' (none of the DTS or Dolby modes appear as I cycle through the modes; they never have). - When I use the 'test tone' function all 5 speakers broadcast correctly. For convenience, here is a link to the pdf manual. Perhaps you can spot something I'm missing. tinyurl.com/7q6g33n Many thanks to anyone who can help, C4
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    As always, lets start with the simple stuff first. Do you have the speakers connected properly? The Fronts should be connected to SP A and not SP B. Have you calibrated the individual speaker volumes and set all speakers to Small (and the Surr Back to None)? Are you in "Direct" mode? You shouldn't be except for critical Stereo listening. Are your Front speaker set to SP A and not B or A/B? All Channel Strero would give you the effect you are describing.

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