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Onkyo TX-NR900 & Integra DTR 7.3 same thing?! (1 Viewer)

Todd Alexander

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May 1, 2003
I'm getting close to getting a new reciever, so I went to a local stereo shop to see what he had. The ownwer told me he had met with a rep who was puching a line of Integra recievers. He said they were 'better model' Onkyos. When he showed me the brochure, I got a look at the rear of the unit (Integra DTR-7.3) and emmediatly I thought it looked just like the Onkyo I was looking at. Sure enough, after comparing the models online, the rear panels are 97% identical, same ports, same locations, same # of inputs, etc.

The only difference is the Onkyo has 1 more digital audio output and the specs say it has 10 more watts of power per channel. Otherwise it is the same reciever. They both have the ethernet port for streaming MP3 files.

The Integra model is MSRP at $1200 and the Onkyo is $1500. Is 10 more watts worth the extra $300? The Integra model is so new, I can't seem to find a place that sells it at a good discount. I've found places that I can get the $1500 Onkyo for about $1250 after shipping. I figure I can find a place that will knock about $200 off the Integra model too, lowering it to about $1000.

Thoughts? Are these recievers a good but for my price range? I have an older Onkyo and love it.

Jun 13, 2000
Well, as far as model matching, the lineup is as follows:

Onkyo Integra

600 5.3
700 6.3
800 7.3
900 8.3
989V2 9.1 U2

So, you are actually comparing the 2nd best onkyo model to the third best integra model. The integra line was designed by Onkyo to be geared more toward the custom installation market. The integra's all have RS-232 ports for external control systems, detatchable power cords, for easy installation, and more 12V triggers and wired ir ports. As far as performance, Onkyo says that they use "higher caliber" parts for the integra line, but who really knows what that means.
Happy hunting!

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