Onkyo TX-NR818 or Marantz SR6007/6

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    I think I've narrowed it down to the Onkyo or the SR6007 or 6006. Anything I should know going on way or the other? Thanks for any help guys!
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    In my opinion Marantz isn't what it used to be. They're now almost clones of comparable Denon receivers (2312/2313). I used to have a 7002 and now have a 6006, which is a fine receiver and I'm planning on keeping it, but it doesn't have the "Marantz" signature sound of old, if you believe it ever did (I do). I really like how Marantz receivers work these days, however. The new remotes are a huge improvement over those in the past. They have dedicated BluRay and DVD inputs which the new Onkyo remotes don't have (they share the same input). Also, one push of an input only changes the remote from operating the Receiver to operating the component (like BluRay) but doesn't change the actual input. Two presses of the input button changes the actual input. This is a very useful feature which I wish more remotes would do. Marantz remotes also have a dedicated Audyssey button which Onkyo's don't have. Marantz receivers also have a Pure Audio mode in addition to Direct mode. Onkyo only has Direct mode. But Marantz in-over-priced at retail and aren't as heavily discounted as Onkyo. But there's alway a factory refurbished Marantz from ac4l.com http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/brand/marantz/results/1.html but at $699 the refurbed 6006 isn't that great of a value either. But the Denon 3312 at $569 is pretty good http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/DENAVR3312CI/DENON-AVR-3312CI-7.2-Integrated-Network-A/V-Surround-Receiver-w/AirPlay/1.html
    Onkyo remotes have taken a step backwards to me. They have fewer dedicated buttons and many operations are now only accessed by going into sub-menu's. But Onkyo's do offer more features than most other brands. So, I find Marantz easier to live with but you can't knock Onkyo's features and value. Not as attractive as the Marantz though. Not subjective. They aren't :) .
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    I have two 818 receivers and absolutely love them. They replaced my Denons.

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    Yeah I'm going with the Onkyo I think. Thanks guys!

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