Onkyo tx-ds989 newbie, HELP!!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by RobTauber, Feb 22, 2004.

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    Just got this bad boy after upgrading from a Sony STR-DB1070(which was not all that bad actually!). Just wondering how you can tell what version you have(ver.1/ver2). I have DPL II, but no way of knowing if I am getting DTS-ES, or if I need to upgrade.Will the display change to show what is being decoded? I live in Canada and am having a hard time registering, any ideas? Lastly, if anybody has both upgrades, how did it change your unit? What I really want to know, is, are the upgrades worth the price?

    Onkyo TX-DS989
    Energy C-9
    Energy CC-3
    Energy Encore2 (2 side, 2 rear)
    JBL S120PIII Subwoofer[​IMG]
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    If you are receiving a dts signal, it should say so(one way or another)in the receiver's display window. Your dvd player will not automatically go to the dts track of a movie. If your receiver is set to digital auto, the player will go to the Dolby Digital 5.1 track. You'll have to go into the movie's menus and choose the dts track, under audio setup or languages, if the movie has a dts track. Not all do........
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    If it's version 2 or upgraded, you should be able to tell by looking at the lower left below the volume control. If it's upgraded, there should be a blue sticker stating that's it's upgraded. If it's ver 2, it should state ver 2.

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    DPLII was bundled with the DTS-ES and DTS:Neo upgrade. If you have DPLII, you have the other two as well. [​IMG] These three "upgrades" are part of an upgrade before the u2 upgrade. If you don't see the "THX Ultra 2" logo on your unit, you have the first upgrade only.

    For what it's worth, I passed on the u2 upgrade. I didn't feel the upgrade was worth the price.

    To get the DTS readout on the 989's display, you *must* go to the Speaker Configuration on the Onkyo and tell it you have rear surrounds (large or small). At that point, the OSD will display either "ES Discrt 6.1" or "ES Matrix 6.1" for DTS material (Thanks for the lovely OSD text, Onkyo).

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