Onkyo TX-DS787 owners, may I pick your brains?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Brett DiMichele, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. Brett DiMichele

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    Sep 30, 2001
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    Hello Folks,
    As the title refers I am using the DS787 from Onkyo.
    My question is this, Have any of you ever sent the
    receiver into protection mode? (kicked it off from
    playing it too loud) Or am I the only one who has
    had this problem?
    I am running AR9's for front L/R and an AR C225PS for
    the center and 2 AR 216PS's for the surrounds, they are
    all 8ohm and are all wired with quality wire.
    I was watching A Bugs Life this morning in THX-EX mode
    and sure enough half way through she kicked off. Could
    it be that my A/V rack is not allowing enough ventilation
    to the side and top of the unit which causes the thermal
    protection to kick in? It does get fairly warm.
    Another question is this.. I don't have Avia or anyting
    worth while to go through and set up everything yet. I am
    curious what do other DS787 owners run thier mains,center
    and surround at? the scale goes from -12Db to +12Db and I
    usualy run them all at 12Db. Also what do you have the
    Intellivolume set at?
    Just curious..
  2. Oscar W

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    Jun 5, 2000
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    Brett welcome to the Forum.
    While I don't have the 787, I have the previous generation Integra DTR-7 (Onkyo 777) for about 2 years now. I have never had mine go into the protection mode and I do play it fairly loud on occassions for long periods of time. I have about four inches of clearance above, about two inches on each side of it, the front and back of the cabinet is open and I have not had any problems.
    As far as the speaker level adjustment goes this would vary for everybody. These settings are dependant on your room size, room shape, speaker location and whether or not you want to hear more or less from your surrounds. I have my surrounds tweaked up a little higher than normal. You don't need to get AVIA or Video Essentials to configure these properly, but you do need a SPL Meter from Radio Shack. Your Onkyo has internal test tones you can use to set the speaker levels without the need of a DVD to do it.
    IntelliVolume......what a pain. Actually thought it was a neat feature and it still is, but it is time consuming to get it set properly or the way you want it. I believe most of mine are at 0 with exception of the CD player which comes over really loud when I switch over to it.
    My DVD's
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  3. Brett DiMichele

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    Sep 30, 2001
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    Thanks for the reply.. Unfortunatly I don't have a way to
    gain side clearance. My receiver fits tight side to side
    with about 1/2" on either side. I did however raise the
    shelf above it so that I have a good 4" of space where as
    before I only had an inch or so and that simply wasn't good
    enough. I know it's a heat issue rather than a power issue.
    There is no way 100 true watts per channel isn't enough to
    drive a pair of mains with a 94Db Sensitivity. Hell I have
    had it up to 30 and you couldn't speak in any part of the
    house! But then it gets hot and "clunk" [​IMG] So hopefuly now
    the problem is solved, if not I will just invest in some
    cooling fans for the A/V rack.
    I agree with you about setting everything up, I do want to
    get an Avia disk for the heck of it but I don't want to pay
    the $50.00 price tag either!

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