Onkyo sr600 question

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    Sep 24, 2002
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    I have the onkyo sr600, its rated 80x5 at 8 ohms...i know the power rating goes down w/ all 5 channels driven.

    but in the manual it says 145x5 at 6 ohms (rated by JEITA)

    wut is JEITA? and should i get 6ohm nominal speakers to get more power out of the receiver?

  2. Leon Liew

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    Oct 23, 2001
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    I have the Onkyo TX-DS676,rated 145watts @ 6ohms x 5 channel
    and rated 85watts @ 8ohms. All Onkyo receivers are rated
    at 6ohms. JEITA is sort of a cerification by their Japanese
    electronics association on the 6ohms rating of all Onkyo receivers' abilities to drive difficult low impedance loads.

    The choice of speakers really depends on your preference.My
    speakers set-up are as follows :

    Front L & R speakers (main) rated at 8ohms 120watts
    Center speaker rated at 4ohms 250watts
    Surrounds L & R (rear) rated at 6ohms 80watts

    In spite of the difference in ohms rating I still enjoy
    movies and the Onkyo TX-DS676 still deliver without any glitches.

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