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Onkyo SR 805 HDMI No picture (1 Viewer)


Jul 24, 2008
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I am in desperate need of help:

I am using an HDMI connection from my Sony DVP-CX995V DVD player to my Onkyo SR805 receiver. The HDMI output on my Onkyo is connected to a Panasonic AE900U projector for the video signal. I'm using quality HDMI cables. The hookups and settings on the Onkyo are correct. Here's the issue:

When I play a movie on the Sony DVD player, set the Onkyo HDMI monitor to Yes, and turn on the projector, the audio signal goes dead and the video doesn't display. The display on the Onkyo reads: DVD--No Signal.

But when I turn the HDMI monitor to NO, the audio comes through beautifully, but there is still no video signal to the projector. Again, when I switch the HDMI monitor to Yes, the audio signal goes dead and there is no video. The display on the Onkyo reads: DVD--No Signal.

I've tried turning on the equipment in different chains to see if its a handshake problem, but the results are the same. Even swapped out HDMI cables. No luck.

Can anyone me please help me? I've got a lot of money invested in all this equipment


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Oct 5, 2000
1) Do you have another video display that accepts HDMI? You need to confirm the HDMI out on the 805 isn't defective.

2) Have you connected the DVD player directly to the projector? This will confirm that at least they can synch.

3) The 805 will upconvert from composite/s-vid/component to HDMI. What happens if you feed one of those signals in with the 805 set to HDMI Monitor = Yes? This could confirm the HDMI output works and possibly point the finger at the dvd player's HDMI signal.

Seems like I remember someone having problems with the Yamaha 661 and the Panny 900 via HDMI, at least it was definitely the 661 and a Panasonic projector of some sort He had to give up and return the Yamaha. Not sure what solution he ended up with.


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