Onkyo HTS760/650 speaker question

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by mark.wo--, Jun 18, 2003.

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    I just bought an HTS760 system and have a couple of speaker-related questions:

    I have some old ADS bookshelf speakers that I'm using in place of the Onkyo front speakers, since they sound a little better. Would it make sense to use the Onkyo fronts as the rear surround speakers, or would this be overkill, based on the signal/frequencies that are sent to the rear surround channels? Would there be any improvement compared to just using the small surrounds?

    Has anyone modded their sub by lining it with polyfill in order to tighten up the bass? It's a little boomy in al of the positions I've tried. Maybe it's just the room acoustics.

    Should the surrounds be pointed directly at the listener (i.e. facing the listener and angled downward if above ear level), or is this not important? I've read elsewhere that surrounds can even be pointed at a wall at an angle, which gives a more spacious sound. By changing the settings on the receiver (surround level, and distance), will they sound as good as if they were optimally positioned?
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    If you feel that the onkyo front speakers sound better or have more range than the surrounds then its a great idea to use them in the back. Some people use floorstanding speakers all around. It wont be overkill. Your front soundstage might be thrown off a bit now that you're using the ADS mains along with the onkyo center though.

    Many people have modded their subs using the polyfill routine. I've most read about it with the Sony SA-WM40 sub and they report good results.

    As far as the position of the surrounds the two most common positions I've read about are either pointing straight forward or pointing directly at one another. Heres a link to check out.... http://www.htadvice.com/on_setup/spe...placement.html
    Notice that this article recommends pointing them toward the listening position like you were asking about. Try out different setups to find out what you like best. Thats all part of the fun of this hobby. [​IMG]

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