Onkyo 989--how does that DPL II sound?

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    I see that they are now shipping the 989 with DTS ES and DPL II, so I guess they are the first receiver to really have it all. Some of you out there must have one, or at least one that has been upgraded. So...what do you think of the DPL II? And for those of you who upgraded, how did the procedure go?
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    I haven't listened to the 989 with the DPL2, but the Integra 6.2 with the DPL2 was quite good. I auditioned it today, and this was the first time I had listened to DPL2.
    I caution people not to compare DPL2 with DD/DTS discrete. If they do, they are in for a let down.
    But, if you compare DPL2 to the older ProLogic for 2 channel DVD's (it's surprising how many there are out there of the older movies), VHS tapes, TV movies, etc., I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
    Much wider imaging. More spacious. And you can certainly notice the increased frequency range in the surrounds.
    I didn't try out the music mode, however. But, I wouldn't buy a receiver without DPL2.
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