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Dec 11, 2000
I am considering an Onkyo 898 receiver to power a paradigm monitor speaker system (monitor 7, cc-370, mini-monitors, pdr-10 sub). A few questions first:

I am replacing a Yamaha 596 receiver which was a good start to home theater, but i want an upgrade in sound (the cheaper Yamaha + Paradigm was quite bright with music) and would like to take advantage of PLII and 6.1/7.1.

I have tried 2 receivers so far: Marantz 8200 great for music, very good for movies. Returned due to delay in picking up the digital signal when matched with my Sony DVD player (up to two full seconds, lost signal at layer change).

Then tried Denon 3802. Very good for music in direct mode. No digital delay at all. Not bad for movies but slightly dull mid to upper range. Hiss always coming from speakers. Brought in for service for hiss; had trouble with service center and returned item to store.

I may get another Denon (from a local, non-chain store) but I want to consider the Onkyo 898.

OK, here are my Onkyo 898 questions:

1. Is there a delay in picking up digital signals from DVD player?

2. How bad is the noise floor hiss?

3. I want the sound to be less harsh in the upper range than the Yamaha 596 but more treble detail than the Denon. Does the Onkyo 898 fit the description?

4. Heard about some defect in a unit with analog bass management: Can't set mains to large with sub? Signal still gets directed to sub? is it true?

5. How is the musicality with stereo sources? 5.1 music?

6. Anything else I should know?


John E F

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Nov 18, 2000
I too had a Marantz (the 5200) and the Denon 3802. The delay on the Marantz was very annoying and it seems very laid back for movies, but excellent for music. I liked the Denon alot, but agree on the music performance. I then bought the Onkyo 797, and finally upgraded to the 898. This one is definately keeper, my wife won't even let it go! I will see if I can answer your questions.

1. No delay at all, none.

2. No audible hiss from mine, using NHT SB-1s all around.

3. I would describe the sound as very neutral. I wouldn't

call it bright or warm. But it does seem to be very

aggresive with movies, which I like.

4. Not 100% sure, but I don't think you can set the mains

to be large plus the subwoofer to be active at the

same time like the Denon. I think this has to do with

the THX specs, but I may be wrong.

5. I really like the stereo performance. I set all my

speakers to small and have the sub calibrated at the

same level so blends really well. No complaints.

Finally, the crossover is fixed at 80Hz when set to "small", no adjustment. This part of the THX spec., but not a problem for me. The THX post-processing is a nice feature, but I don't use very often. But I'm sure you are familiar with that from the Marantz. ProLogic 2 is adjustable. My favorite feature is the "power on" volume where you can set the unit to be at a specific volume level when you turn it on. There is definatey not a lack of power, and it doesn't need to be cranked up to convey a dvd soundtrack accurately. As you can tell, I am very pleased overall and I really can't think of anything that it is lacking.


Oct 3, 2000
I've had the 898 for about 3-4 months now. Great receiver. Very awesome in terms of ergonomics. Some features I like:

1. Can adjust +-dB for each input. If your DVD source is louder than your VCR for example, you can compensate.

2. You can specify default DSP mode for every signal type for every input. For example, it can automatically switch to DPL II for DD 2.0 from the DVD player, THX Surround EX for DD 5.1, all-channel stereo for PCM.

3. Awesome remote - never thought I'd be able to replace my Tivo remote, but I do now. Macros for each source selection button. Fully backlit. The directional joystick (one button) can be independently programmed for left, right, up, down and select.

4. Fixed volume when receiver is turned on (as mentioned previously).

5. Composite->S-video conversion, although the quality is seriously crappy. No biggie since I only use that for my VCR which I hardly use anymore anyway.

6. Front optical digital input - great for Playstation 2.

Overall, excellent receiver. Way better ergonomics and remote than my previous Sony DA80ES.



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Dec 11, 2000
I will probably be testing and hopefully be picking up an 898 by weeks end.

Another question:

I have heard that the Onkyo 797 has a 'ticking' problem where a ticking sound comes from one or more speakers on some 797 units. Does the 898 have the same problem?

Earl Simpson

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Jan 12, 2002
Tom, my 3802 is perfect. But the 898 is a good step up IMO.
The 3802, 898 and JVC 10 seem to actually put out their rated watts. See the Watts post. Some of the rcvrs put out a third to half their rated output over 5 and 6 channels. No one has tested the 5es for watts, so we have to wait on that.:D

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