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Onkyo 876 - A moderate disappointment??? (1 Viewer)


Dec 28, 2008
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I am new here and a real novice on A/V. I have been researching equipment for a dedicated HT in my basement and wanted a great receiver for $1k or less. I was about to pull the trigger on the 876 but at the last moment read some reviews where people seemed to be moderately disappointed with the video output. There appears to be no question about the audio capability. I know the 876 has the HQV-video processing chips built in and that "sounded" good to me but has anyone else heard this?

Also, I would greatly appreciate a reccomendation on a HT receiver in this price range. I have more of an emphasis on picture quality. Thanks in advance!


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Jul 4, 2006
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marc turcotte
Hi Jim I have posted a few comments on this receiver.You may have read one of mine. I bought the onkyo 876 back in oct 08 paid too much for it. I'll start by saying this thing is a beast its big, heavy and gives of lots of heat. At first I hated it. Hard to set up. lots of crossover points. ISF calibrations, eq settings, bi amp or use the surround back to put in 300wts per channel to the mains. I'll start by saying this amp needs a brake in period at least 50 hrs to sound its best.I love the sound, plenty of power to push my polks rti 12. As for the video i love only having one hdmi going to my tv. The video processor on this is not all that hot when watching hd sources from my sat.I get lines at the top of my tv some times well a line. did not do this before. I have the sony kdl46 w3000 lcd. the picture can look soft when watching hd. When i am watching non hd material the picture looks better then it did before i bought and hooked it up to this amp. blu ray seems to pass through just fine, however my blu ray wont do dts hd master, as I have the sony bdps 500. Now that got me mad. Dolby true hd sounds amazing. for the first time my rear speakers sound "wow". I am experiencing some problems with the remote not working at times and my universal not working at times either. Some day i'll have to take it in for repair bought the ext warrantee. the HQV-video processing chip was on item that I thought i wanted but that part of the amp has LET ME DOWN. I called onkyo when I bought it they were on help as this was to new at that time. I got a flashing green light at the back of the amp when I called they said that was impossible and the light can only be found on the 906 they called me a lier so I took a picture. If I know what I know now about this amp would i have bought it 4 mths ago, dont know I will tell you this it kicks the crap out of my dennon that I replaced it with. MAKE sure that if you buy this amp be prepared to spend 5 to 10 hrs tweaking it or have a pro come in and set it up proper, wish i did and still might, dont know if I answered your question but hoped i helped.

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