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onkyo 805 and calibrating with SPL meter (1 Viewer)

Jun 19, 2008
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jayson barnett
I have an onkyo 805 and you can see my speakers listed below. I am some what of a newbee in these new audio/video equipement. I have always been into audio just not as complex as todays equipement. Anyway i ran audyssey for all my speakers using all 8 positions, and then used my SPL meter. FIrst of all audyssey got all my speakers (even the subs) set with the right distances, but only 72 db on all my speakers (levels). I know i need to get it to 75db so i will be calibrated to reference levels.So my question is if someone can tell me how to use the spl meter properly. Do i hold it up to the roof? or point it at the speakers? I use a tri-pod for the meter. If i point it at the speakers do i turn the meter behind me to check the surrounds? Sorry if this sounds stupid but i have googled this and have read 50 different ways of doing this. I just want to hear from someone that knows what they are talking about. Someone told me from AVS forum that you can not calibrate polk rti's because they are not THX ceritified. I told him he was an IDIOT and now i want to post here where people are not idiots.

Also if someone can tell me of a device that will let me plug in two subs into it (the device) and out put the dc plug to the dc plug on the back of my receiver so when i turn off the receiver both subs will turn off as well. My receiver only has one dc plug so i have the other sub pluged into the wall so when i turn off the receiver only one sub will turn off. I know i can get a power strip and turn it off manually but i am lazy. I hope that made since.
Thank you in advance because i really want to get my system sounding good. Right now i can barley hear my center and surround speakers. I have to turn the volume up and down during the whole movie.
Onkyo :tx-sr805
Polk: rti8's
Polk: rti4's
Polk: fxi3's
Polk: csi'3
Velodyne: VRP 1200
Epik: Caliber
Panasonic:TH-42PX60U 42"Plasma
Power Conditioner:
Monster Power: HTS 3600 MKII Home Theater
Panasonic: HD-A3 (better than Blue-ray)
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Oct 5, 2000
Technically, you should already be calibrated. The main goal of level calibration is to make sure all speakers play at the same SPL given the same input signal level.

What you're really trying to do at this point is calibrate to THX/Dolby Reference Level. And you may already be there. The Onkyo mic is good at measuring relative SPL, but has some manufacturing tolerance variation in absolute SPL...of course, an SPL meter also has tolerances, like most anything else man can build. We usually pay more $$$ to reduce the size of that tolerance. Anyway...

For the most accurate comparision, you need to get the spl meter's mic capsule in the exact same location/orientation you had the Onkyo mic for its first reading. Most likely that means pointed straight up, sitting on a tripod. Now, engage the 805's level calibration test tone and observe the SPL meter reading while trying to keep from getting your body between the mic and speaker being measured. The goal is to read 75dB. Adjust levels as needed. Now you're calibrated to and listening at Reference Level when the master volume reads 0dB using the relative scale (82 Absolute).

DO NOT...repeat DO NOT power your subwoofers from the convenience outlet on the back of the 805. It's only rated for 120 watts output. Think DVD player, cable box, that sort of thing. Both the Epik and Velodyne amps have an auto on mode that will turn the amp on when it receives a signal from the 805. When it quits receiving a signal for some period of time, it goes back into standby. No extra device needed. Is this not covered in the owner's manuals?

BTW, I'm pretty sure that Panasonic didn't/doesn't make an HD-A3...that's a Toshiba.


David Willow

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Jan 23, 2004
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Of course the easy solution is turn the volume to +3 when watching a move to get reference level sound. Good luck if you ears can stand it :)

You could also just bump each speaker up by 3....
Jun 19, 2008
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jayson barnett
thanx i did not even see that. And i have a new sony bdp-s350 blueray and i still love my toshiba. I think it looks better by FAR!!
I did not even think about the sub being plugged into the back of the receiver. Now that i think about it i can recall times where i thought all of a sudden my receiver was not as loud during a movie. I have had to turn the reciever up and down and that might be the cause. Also i am going to re-run audyssey tonight using your tips, and if you want to see the size of the sub i had plugged into the receiver here are some pics. Club Polk: System Showcase - Polk Audio
(the epik sub is the one on the left of the tv)
This sub is recommended for a 220 outlet you do not need one but it is recommended. This is what i had plugged into the receiver.
DId i ruin my onkyo?


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Aug 22, 2000
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You may have burned out the relays on the switched outlet of your receiver. If you read through your Onkyo's manual, it will tell you that the switched outlet has a limit of about 1 amp of current draw. That Epik sub can pull 5 to 10 times that amount of power.


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