Onkyo 696 vs Denon 2802

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    I'm in the market for a new A/V receiver, and I would use it for bpth HT and music. I want a lot of power and reliability. I've read some nasty things about the defects in the 676 Onkyos and thought that the 696 may not be such a good buy. I like the Denon 2802, but I will not be using a rear center for a while, or I'm not planning on it. Will the extra 10 watts in the 696 blow away the 2802? I know that they both have backlit remotes and OSD, which is nice, but really, I want what sounds better, and will play with more power and clarity. Also, if anyone knows where I can get these for cheap from an authorized dealer, it'd help. Thank you.
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    You really need to demo these somewhere to get a better idea. They do sound different, btw.
    The 696 is a total redesign, btw, and has no relation to the 676's other than brand. I have the 696 and love it. Not one problem. If you can afford it, DO check into getting 6.1 or 7.1. It does make a difference! Otherwise, goodluck [​IMG]
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    I've also got the 696 and really like it. But, 10 watts of power difference is not going to "blow it away" -- the rule of thumb is you have to increase the power (watts) by 10-fold, in order to get a two-fold increase in perceived volume. So ±10W from 100W is not going to be very noticeable, IMO.
    I'd suggest looking at features offered (compared to what you want), price, etc. [​IMG]

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