Onkyo 600 -how to connect?

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    I just received from J&R my new Onkyo TX-SR600 receiver. I have the usual components to somehow connect together (TV, DVD player, VCR, Cable TV box, tape deck)and have a couple of questions.

    1. My initial plan was to connect the cable TV box coax output directly to the TV and connect cable TV box audio to the Onkyo 600. My theory is the fewer boxes the signal goes thru, the fewer chances for signal degradation. But, how would I get the Onkyo 600 "onscreen display" to appear on the TV screen?

    2. We are baseball fans and much prefer listening to the San Diego Padres radio announcers than listening to the Padres TV announcers. So, we like to watch the game on TV as we listen to the commentary on AM radio. If the solution to question #1 above is to run the coax from the Cable TV box to the Onkyo 600 and from there to the TV, how do I listen to AM radio(using the Onkyo 600 as AM receiver) and watch TV at the same time?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Glenn Braden
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    I have the 600 as well and this is how I would hook things up:

    1. You cannot connect the coaxial output from the cable box to the Onkyo 600, since the receiver doesn't have any coaxial inputs. So connect the coax directly to the TV. In addition, a lot of cable boxes (and all digital cable boxes) have analog RCA (Red/White/Yellow) A/V outputs, and if you have these, I would connect these to the Onkyo on any unused input on the back. If the RCA outputs are not present on the cable box, then you can use the RCA outputs (Red/White) on the TV and connect those to the receiver.

    You can then go to the OSD setup (Press Setup on your remote and go down to option 5), and can set the OSD to be output on the Composite or S-Video outputs from the receiver, depending on how you have your receiver (from the monitor-outs) hooked up to the TV.

    2. If you have things hooked up as above, you should be able to tune in to the TV normally using the Coax and listen to the tuner on the receiver with no problems. Just switch to the Composite or S-Video if you need to use the OSD. However, the Onkyo 600 is very easy to set up just by looking at the dot-matrix display on the front panel, so missing the OSD on the Coax shouldn't matter that much.


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