Onkyo 595 People, I really messed up and I need help!!

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  1. Steven Spargo

    Jul 9, 2001
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    I was doing great. My 595 is hooked up to Ascend Acoustics 170's, and I have an Ascend 200 center channel with a sub.

    All this is on my A speakers. Well, I just put two holes in the wall to mount my new NHT Superone ci, that will be my B speakers.

    I hooked them up before I mounted them, and after 15 sec. the Onkyo kicks off with the word "protected" I lowered the volume, and then it was ok. Also, the Ascends rec. a 4 ohm impedence, but before I moved the setup to my new house, I was running at 6 ohms without a problem. When I moved the setup to my new house I went back to 4 ohms. Could that make a difference?

    Also, the "B" speakers can not take advantage of the sub - it was not working when I had the B's on. Is this correct, or do I need to do something with the setup? Is there a way to programs your speakers one way for the A setting, and use a different listening mode for the other. Or do I have to change manually from the stero mode of the B to the all channel mode for my A's?

    All in all, I think I made a b i g mistake, but I've got two holes in the walls, and two speakers ready to fill them. The B's only play stero or direct, is that correct?

    Anyone who has a 595 setup with "B" speakers, please, what is the best way to optimize the sound from the B's.

  2. Craig F

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    Jul 5, 2001
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    There is a switch on the back of the 595 which must be set for 4 Ohm operation. Be sure the unit is unplugged before switchging it.

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