Onkyo 570, 760, or 770 for parents?

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Tim Holyoke, Feb 23, 2005.

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    I've been putting it off forever, I'm always going to set my parents up with a cheap HTiB, but never get around to actually following through. I've been busy planning the beginning of my own HT [​IMG] .

    Onkyo just seems to be the best choice for quality and price. I'm just not sure which set. What would be the benefit of going with the 760 or 770 over the 570? For almost a couple hundred bucks more, seems like not a huge upgrade.

    If it matters, they're room is 15'x25' with about 8' ceilings. The wall that the TV is on has a large opening to the left. So it's not a huge room by any means, I'm just not sure what effect the opening has.

    Thanks a lot for any help.

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    100 Watts x 5 channels
    100 Watt Sub
    Component Inputs: 0
    Digital Inputs: 2 (1 coax; 1 optical)

    130 Watts x 6 channels
    220 Watt Sub
    Component Inputs: 2
    Digital Inputs: 3 (1 coax; 2 optical)

    So, it depends.

    3,000 cu. feet isn't a HUGE room, so the 570 might do the trick if they're OK with 5.1 surround as opposed to 6.1 surround.

    If they need the component inputs for multiple video sources to be switched by the AVR, or want the 6.1 surround, then the 770 might be worth the extra $.

    3,000 cu. feet isn't exactly a tiny room either (and depending on the size of the open adjoining rooms...), so they might like to have the extra oomph that the 770 has in the speaker department, too.

    Just explain to them the differences and let them decide.


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