Onkyo 508 - Zone 2 Question

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by DRGinLBC, Jun 18, 2010.

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    About to pull my hair out over here...need some of your help.

    I set up a new home theatre for my parents lately. The main 5.1 setup is in the family room with 2 "extra" speakers in the kitchen.

    I have the two kitchen speakers hooked up to the FrontHigh/Zone2 hookup on the back of the receiver. Set up all the settings on the receiver to where it looks correct.

    I then hook up the included microphone to have the Audyssey 2EQ Room Correction set up the speaker distances for me. The on screen menu displays and gives me the option to set it to Zone 2. Great! I then have the option for FrontHigh or SurrBk. I assume since I plugged the speakers into FrontHigh/Zone2...I should choose FrontHigh. During the test...I hear the 2 speakers in the kitchen attempting to test. Is that normal? It keeps pumping up the volume in that room since the microphone can't pick it up.

    I then attempt to have something play on Zone 2...and I get nothing.

    It is an HDMI setup...but I have all the components plugged in analog as well.

    Someone please help me!!!
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    Right after the step where you selected Zone 2 & were then given the option of Front High or Surr back, you should be choosing Surr back. By selecting to use your extra two speakers as Zone 2, you've forfeited the Front High option & nothing should be set to that.

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