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One Step Beyond -Question

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Steve Meil, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. Steve Meil

    Steve Meil Stunt Coordinator

    Jan 30, 2004
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    Aurora, CO
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    On Feb 24 they will be releasing a 12 dvd set, an 8 dvd set and 12 individual sets. The 12 individual sets have the episodes listed. When you add them up there are 49 episodes on the 12 individual sets. However the 12 dvd set only states over 20 hours and the eight dvd sets says over 13 hours.If you add up the prices of the individual sets its a little cheaper. Does anyone have any idea what is on these sets and why should I buy the 12 dvd collection instead of the individual episodes?
  2. Rick P

    Rick P Supporting Actor

    Mar 18, 2003
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    MAN, is this a screwy release... I can't find any info on what's in the box sets, but when you map the 12 individual releases to the episode list.. it's a mess....

     1x01 The Bride Possessed
     1x02 v 1 Night of April 14
     1x03 Emergency Only
     1x04 v 1 The Dark Room
     1x05 Twelve Hours to Live
     1x06 v 1 Epilogue
     1x07 v 1 The Dream
     1x08 Premonition
     1x09 v 1 The Dead Part of the House
     1x10 v 2 The Vision
     1x11 v 2 The Devil's Laughter
     1x12 v 2 The Return of Mitchell Campion
     1x13 The Navigator
     1x14 v 2 The Secret
     1x15 v 3 The Aerialist
     1x16 The Burning Girl
     1x17 The Haunted U-Boat
     1x18 Image of Death
     1x19 v 3 The Captain's Guests
     1x20 v 3 Echo
     1x21 v 3 Front Runner
     1x22 v 4 The Riddle
     2x01 v 4 Delusion
     2x02 v 4 Ordeal on Locust Street
     2x03 Brainwave
     2x04 Doomsday
     2x05 Night of the Kill
     2x06 The Inheritance
     2x07 v 4 The Open Window
     2x08 v 5 Message From Clara
     2x09 v 5 Forked Lightning
     2x10 Reunion
     2x11 v 5 Dead Ringer
     2x12 v 5 The Stone Cutter
     2x13 Father Image
     2x14 v 6 Make Me Not a Witch
     2x15 v 6 The Hand
     2x16 The Justice Tree
     2x17 v 6 Earthquake
     2x18 Forests of the Night
     2x19 v 6 Call From Tomorrow
     2x20 Who Are You?
     2x21 The Day the World Wept - the Lincoln Story
     2x22 v 7 The Lovers
     2x23 v 7 Vanishing Point
     2x24 v 7 The Mask
     2x25 v 7 The Haunting
     2x26 The Explorer
     2x27 The Clown
     2x28 v 8 I Saw You Tomorrow
     2x29 Encounter
     2x30 v 8 The Peter Hurkos Story (1)
     2x31 v 8 The Peter Hurkos Story (2)
     2x32 v 8 Delia
     2x33 The Visitor
     2x34 v 9 Gypsy
     2x35 Contact
     2x36 The Lonely Room
     2x37 House of the Dead
     2x38 v 9 Goodbye Grandpa
     2x39 The Storm
     3x01 Tidal Wave
     3x02 v 9 Anniversary of a Murder
     3x03 The Death Waltz
     3x04 The Return
     3x05 If You See Sally
     3x06 v 9 Moment of Hate
     3x07 v10 To Know the End
     3x08 v10 The Trap
     3x09 The Voice
     3x10 The Promise
     3x11 v10 Tonight at 12:17
     3x12 v10 Where Are They?
     3x13 v11 Legacy of Love
     3x14 v11 Rendezvous
     3x15 v11 The Executioner
     3x16 v11 The Last Round
     3x17 v12 Dead Man's Tale
     3x18 The Sacred Mushroom
     3x19 The Gift
     3x20 v12 Person Unknown...
     3x21 v12 Night of Decision
     3x22 The Stranger
     3x23 Justice
     3x24 The Face
     3x25 That Room Upstairs
     3x26 Signal Received
     3x27 The Confession
     3x28 The Avengers
     3x29 The Prisoner
     3x30 Blood Flower
     3x31 The Sorcerer
     3x32 The Villa
     3x33 The Tiger
     3x34 Nightmare
     3x35 Eye Witness 
     v12 Midnight
  3. Mark Tay

    Mark Tay Stunt Coordinator

    Dec 6, 2002
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    "Midnight" is not an episode of One Step Beyond. It is from a series called Stars Over Hollywood.
    Stars Over Hollywood (episode 1.7) "Midnight"
    Broadcast 8 November 1950
    Starring Herbert Patterson and Gloria Saunders

    Considering that Delta (who are releasing these 12 new discs) can't even differentiate between what is, and what isn't, an episode of One Step Beyond, I seriously question the quality of their DVDs.

    The problem is that all but 12 episodes of One Step Beyond have fallen into public domain. Since rights aren't an issue, many outfits (like Delta) are releasing episodes on DVD simply because they can. Unfortunately none of the DVD releases are able to source the original material. As a result, most (all?) DVD transfers are from 16MM film. Often these 16MM prints have battered sound and image, and are less than complete (sometimes due to edits for syndication, sometimes due to the age of the print causing it to have fallen apart). Any episode running less than 24 minutes is missing footage regardless of how good the image looks. With so many public domain releases popping up on DVD, it doesn't seem likely that the owner of the original footage (Paramount) will ever bother with a DVD release. Too bad considering that this show should look as great as the later DVD releases of Twilight Zone (both series are of the same vintage and production values).

    To date, VCI is the only company to release One Step Beyond on DVD with some level of effort and respect. At least the VCI release featured some (but not all) episodes with the original opening and closing credits for the show, and no missing footage (albeit a dark/grainy image none the less).

    My advice is to pick up the VCI release first, and wait for a review of the Delta releases before plunging down your money.

    The VCI cover:
  4. todd s

    todd s Lead Actor

    Jul 8, 1999
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    VCI is planning to release another volume of episodes late this year.

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