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One more pb2 question and I'm good. Put sub where the response is flattest? (1 Viewer)

Todd smith

Supporting Actor
Apr 2, 2002
Realized after doing some freq resp charts last night with the sub in 6 different spots in my room that the spot I had it in was the worst I assume because the chart was the least flat? Is this correct? This spot was in the front right corner of my fully enclosed 12x17 room with the rest of my equipment. The flattest spot seems to be in the rear corner about 2 feet out from the back wall and a few inches out from the side wall. I assume I should put the sub where I am getting the flattest response? When it was in the front of the room I was getting more volume (peak I think) in the 20-35hz region but the 30-65hz region was in a pretty big null. By putting the sub in what I think is the optimal spot the 20-35hz region is lower but the 30-65 hz region is MUCH better. So the whole range besides a peak I have in the 25-50 region is flat. This is what I want, correct? I can tame the 25-50 hz peak if I want with the peq. Is this the home I want for my sub assuming it is the overall flattest?

Max F

Second Unit
Jun 26, 2004
What was the difference in sound that you noted (particularly for music) between the two locations? Did you notice any?

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