Once upon a time in China DVD Collection by IVL/FortuneStar

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    IVL/FortuneStar is releasing the Once upon a time in China DVD Collection in NTSC Region Free from a remastered edition on July 15th 2004.

    According to dvdtimes, the discs should have the following specifications:

    "All three films in the set have been fully re-mastered with enhanced video and audio quality. Dolby 5.1 and DTS surround sound bring audience into a dynamic world of the legendary martial arts hero.

    Languages: Cantonese and Mandarin 5.1 & DTS, Original Cantonese mix
    Subtitles: English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese
    Special Silk Cover With Ink Wash Painting
    Huang Fei Hong Legend: Beginning with a rare picture of the real Huang Fei Hong, this hour long documentary depicts his martial and personal life alongside interviews with the descendants and students of Huang Fei Hong and Wushu experts"

    I already ordered the HKL Region 2 edition. How do you think the IVL edition will compare against the HKL edition?

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    Oooo, this sounds interesting! I've always wondered about the real-life Wong Fei Hong, and how the legend grew.

    Also, I would assume you guys would've noticed by now, there's a famous "Wong Fei Hong" theme that is always associated with the character, no matter what actor plays him or who's producing the movie, and whether the movie was from way back or is a new production -- sort of like his equivalent of the Bond theme.

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