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On a budget... (Post your budget setup) (1 Viewer)


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Jun 22, 2020
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James D.
I got to thinking, plenty of people come to this forum looking for inexpensive ways to get good sounding speakers to replace the dreadful internal speakers on a Television.

Due to circumstances, I had to say goodbye to my home theater setup from years ago.

Fast foward a few years to 2021, and I'm finally back on track to build a new home theater.

In 2019, I got a Klipsch Bar 48 during Amazon Prime days, because it was on special, and literally any sound bar over $300 would be a vast improvement.
It was a satisfactory improvement in sound.

A few months ago, I was browsing ebay, and found a Paradigm UltraCube 10 for sale and picked it up, intending to use it for a future home theater.
But since the Klipsch Bar 48 can have a 2nd, wired subwoofer, I figured I'd hook it up.

The end result was actually pretty fantastic. It's essentially a 3.2 system.
Although it's only a temporary situation, the sound belies the fact the entire setup cost under $1000. One could get rear speakers for it, but for me, I just wanted something just to hold me over until I got a full blown home theater installed with much larger budget.

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