OMG: Mafia/LOTR at 1600x1200 on 100" screen

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    So, I go to a friend's house yesterday where he has a dedicated home theater room, with a CRT projector, 100" screen, line doubler, top-of-the-line Denon, etc. It's always been great for movies.

    Well...I go over and he has his PC hooked up to the whole setup, with the VGA inputs, and the PC cranked to 1600x1200. He was playing the game Mafia. Oh my god...Have you ever seen 1600x1200 blown up to 100" on a CRT projector? It was incredibly sharp.

    So, then we drop in the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring DVD and play it through the PC, with the PC scaling it up to 1600x1200. Wow! Again, incredibly sharp.

    Now if only he would run ethernet to the room so I could play counter strike on it...that would be cool.

    (Note: the projection is great for games, but for text it would suck.)
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    Actually for Text, it might be decent too- depends on the projector and native refresh. When you see shitty loooking desktops it's because the resolution is exceeding the ideal refresh rate for the PJ (or is outside the native panel on LCD/DLP types). You can usually not see this truncation on movies and games- my PC is passing 720p, which the PJ downsamples-- which looks fine for DVD, but shitty for text.

    But yeah- HTPC is sweet.!


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