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Olivier, Keanu and Whoopie singing what? at the SAG Awards. (1 Viewer)


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Dec 31, 2001
I couldn't watch the SAG awards the night they aired, but I did Tivo it. I heard the results, and then watching the actual show itself didn't seem so important. I am dubbing the show off now (better late than never) to free up space on my Tivo, and I have a couple of questions.

Early in the show there's a cute clipfest showing actors not normally known for singing, singing. I was thrilled to see a great reception for Kevin Kline in The Pirates of Penzance (I want a DVD!!) and cheers and applause for Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. What I want to know is, what are the movies (and songs) I haven't identified yet?

In order that they appeared:

Whoopie Goldberg ("Piece of My Heart") - ?
Kevin Kline ("My Eyes Are Fully Open") - The Pirates of Penzance
Marlon Brando ("Luck Be A Lady Tonight") - Guys and Dolls(?)
Nicole Kidman ("One Day I'll Fly Away") - Moulin Rouge
Edward James Olmos ("?") - Zoot Suit(?)
Steve Martin ("Dentist!") - The Little Shop of Horrors
Sissy Spacek ("You're Lookin' At Country") - Coal Miner's Daughter
Clark Gable ("Puttin on the Ritz") - Idiot's Delight
Clint Eastwood ("I Talk To The Trees") - Paint Your Wagon
Michelle Pfeiffer ("Making Whoopie") - The Fabulous Baker Boys
Adam Sandler ("That's All") - The Wedding Singer(?)
Salma Hayek ("Quédate Aquí") - Desperado
Edward Norton ("My Baby Just Cares for Me") - Everyone Says I Love You
Cary Grant ("Did I Remember?") - Suzy
Laurence Olivier ("?") - ?
Keanu Reeves ("?") - ?

The Whoopie song is the Janis Joplin tune, and she's onstage with a rock band.

The Laurence Olivier clip seemed to be from later in his career. He was dressed in a bowler hat and bowtie. The lyrics were "If they see that you're blue, they'll look down on you, so why oh why should I?"

The Keanu clip had him dressed up in a white suit, on a stage with a blue curtain background. He's singing "You'll hear me say that I'm so lucky to be loving you."

(Interesting that CZ-J didn't thank Rob Marshall. I'll bet she was later kicking herself about that one!)

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