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    hopefully you guys can help me out. i have an older jvc 27" television ( about 8 years old) i have my home theater connected to it. basically my video comes from the vcr and goes into the standard threaded coax connector on the back of the tv. the tv also has rca a/v inputs and outputs and also an s-video input. i want to use the s-video input for my new dvd player. my question is how do i switch the tv to the s-video input. the only thing i see on the remote is a tv/video button. when i hit that the tv says video and the screen is blank. does this mean that the s-video input will now work. i haven't hooked the dvd player up yet so i'm not sure. thanks for the help
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    If there is just one RCA video jack and just one S-video jack, and just one video setting on the remote, chances are one of those two jacks has to be empty at all times and whatever is plugged into the other will work.
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